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UNLOCKED: Frotcast 586 – Everyone’s Mad and No One Knows Why

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Good evening, cowards (this is a joke explained in the episode).Jerry Seinfeld says he couldn’t away with all those edgy Seinfeld episodes nowadays because people are so woke and leftist! I mean WHAT. IS. THE DEAL? We try to figure out what Jerry is angry about or if he’s even angry at all in this week’s installment of Today’s Dumb Story Everyone Is Talking About For Some Reason. Why don’t they build the WHOLE PLANE out of wokness. You also won’t want to miss the story about what Kirstie Alley’s parents were wearing when they died in a car crash. We take some time to meet the man who called his city council leaders “fat, ugly b*tches” and learn all about his tick-removing device and why he’s so mad about someone trying to fill the potholes in his Finally, we’ve got the latest in terrible AI trends, from Will.i.am’s robot cohost to a service that will automatically spam links to your product in Reddit threads. It’s a brave new world, we’re just jizzing in it.

UNLOCKED: Frotcast 525, Pulling The Mucus Plug On James Corden

Howdy, Frot fans. I’m sick this week and Matt is still on sa-brat-tical, which is terrible news for us, but great news for the free-feed piggies. Since I don’t feel like recording a new Frotcast this week, I’m unlocking last week’s for all the non-subscribers. Hopefully this will convince you to finally subscribe, so you can receive amazing episodes like this right when they come out. Meanwhile, we’re still releasing new Pod Yourself The Wire episodes free every week. You can get those right on time when you’re a subscriber too! So do it! Patreon.com/Frotcast.

Matt is still out on sa-brat-ical taking care of his newborn, but never fear, Joe Sinclitico and Laremy Legal are here, and we’ve got all kinds of #content. Joe has just discovered the concept of the mucus plug, so we all have a pretty good time with that one. After that, we get into the latest Olivia Wilde revelations, like giving away her dog and the fact that she apparently has a special salad dressing. From there we get into the celebrity nannying industry and how lucrative it apparently is (very!). That leads us into Danny Masterson’s trial, which made us realize that there are still some things about Scientology we didn’t know. Who knew! From there, Joe regales us with his review of ‘Thirteen Lives’ about the Thai cave boys, and Laremy has seen The Redeem Team which makes me rant about Kobe Bryant again. Oh, and of course we couldn’t leave without discuss James Corden, his restaurant ban, all-yolk omelets, and his poor attempts at damage control. Enjoy!

[Unlocked] Frotcast 505 – The Pursuit Of Slappyness, With Joe And Laremy

Hey, remember ‘The Slap?’ When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars? It was such a huge deal that we called an emergency pod about it the morning after it happened. And now YOU, the non-subscribing Frotcast enthusiast, can finally enjoy Vince, Matt, and special guests Joe Sinclitico and Laremy Legel’s takes on it.

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[UNLOCKED] – Frotcast 499: ‘Pig’ Is For The Piggies

We’re going to have a brand new Frotcast about The Batman for the subscribers going up real soon, but in the meantime, it’s been a while since we unlocked some content for the free feed. Wouldn’t want our piggies to go hungry!

We’re unlocked Frotcast 499, the first of 2022, guest starring Pod Yourself A Gun producer Brent Flyberg featuring such evergreen content as the boys reviewing ‘Pig’ starring Nicolas Cage, and talking about ColorStar, an NFT-adjacent metaverse-peddling disaster of a company that apparently pivoted from selling concrete. It’s hard to explain in a sentence or two, but that’s what makes it great frot fodder. Enjoy this, and sign your ass up for the bonus content to get more! Patreon.com/Frotcast.

UNLOCKED: Frotcast 451 – RIP Chadwick Boseman and Bill And Ted’s Craptacular Blowbang

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Hey all! Time for your weekly dose of content! This week, Vince and Matt watched the new Bill and Ted movie featuring two very decrepit Hollywood icons, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter playing characters that were cultural zombies back in ’89. So you can imagine how stoked we were when the filmmakers decided to keep them exactly the same in this sequel that nobody asked for. Anyway, we have some thoughts about this movie and I promise you they aren’t all as negative as it seems from the description. In fact, there are some good parts that nearly redeem the movie.

Also, we talk the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. That part is not so funny. So please enjoy the podcast and we’ll see you… in da moviez!1

UNLOCKED: Frotcast 449 – Russell Crowe Is Unhinged

Hey it’s time for another week of your favorite movie podcast probably! This week, Matt and Vince got a screener of Unhinged, the new Russell Crowe thriller about road rage or cancel culture or something. The boys break down the various themes and motifs of the film and how the mise en scène really blah blah blah I honestly know so little about film I can’t even fake a satirical post mocking it. Vince should really by the one writing these descriptions. He’s much better at it.

Also, we talked about mormons and Spider Woman. Enjoy!

UNLOCKED: Frotcast 447 – An American Pickle In Israel, With Alison Stevenson

[Now Unlocked] This week on the Frotcast, long-time friend of the Frotcast Alison Stevenson (twitter.com/JustaboutGlad) joins Matt and Vince in the virtual Frotquarters to discuss: Shia Labeouf’s new “Creeper” tattoo and his new movie, The Tax Collector. As well as, “brownface,” the character evolution of ex-Disney stars in general, and BOMBSHELL: Matt reveals that he briefly went to high school with Shia Labeouf. We discuss Alison’s love life and what it’s like to try to Tinder in a time of quarantine. Can you still smash, bro? After that we discuss Seth Rogen’s new movie, An American Pickle, about an unfrozen Jewish pickle man. Also: Seth Rogen’s new views on Zionism, Israel and what Jews are taught about it in general, and BOMBSHELL: Alison reveals that her mother is Israeli. In any case, a very fun Frot was had and we hope that all the piggies love it as much as we love our piggies.

UNLOCKED: Frotcast 446, The Emmys And The Secret

We have a brand new episode for the Patreon subscribers this week, in which we review Russell Crowe’s new road rage movie, Unhinged, plus talk news of Olivia Wilde’s Marvel movie and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio musical. But since we love you non-paying listeners too (just not nearly as much), we’re also unlocking episode 446.

Hey everyone. Matt and Vince here and oh boy do we have a doozy of an episode for you this week. In today’s Frotcast we discuss the all important Emmy nominations and all of the online discourse about black representation in the nominees and lack of latinx representation, and how this conversation just lead to everyone ignoring the fact that the Kominisky Method continues to get nominations for no reason.

Also, Vince forced me to watch The Secret: Dare To Dream – possibly one of the most evil movies ever made, right behind Birth of a Nation, Triumph of the Will, and Howard the Duck. In fact, I’m pretty sure that The Secret’s original title was Triumph of the Will. Anyway, it’s a fun episode. Eat up, hogs.

UNLOCKED: Frotcast Live Riff Over ‘Tiptoes’

Hey Frot fam, this month for the monthly Frotcast super bonus riff episode [NOW FREE], Matt and Vince welcome Jason Webb, Matt Curry, and Jacob Sirof to the Frotquaters to riff over the cult classic Dwarf-sploitation disaster film “Tiptoes.” You’ve probably seen the trailer for tiptoes circulating around the internet. If you haven’t, check it out here!

The cast of this film is stacked: Kate Beckinsale, Matthew McConaughey, Patricia Arquette, Peter Dinklage (who inexplicably plays his entire role with a French accent), and Gary Oldman PLAYING A DWARF! Weirdly, Oldman’s dwarfface performance might be the least offensive thing about this film. It’s an absolute disaster in every sense of the word – like if an Oscarbait film were directed by Tommy Wiseau. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you’d been drowned at birth.