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Frotcast 268: Playboy, Justin Bieber’s Nudes, Steve Jobs, ‘Sad Bastard’ Author Lee Keeler

Bret and Brendan join FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters as we talk to ‘Sad Bastard’ author Lee Keeler, Justin Bieber’s nudes, Playboy, the Steve Jobs movie, Greg Hardy and domestic violence, and how to get “dad woke.”

2:30 – Justin Bieber’s penis pics, and the phenomenon of celebrity parents’ saying super creepy things about their kids.
7:25 – The Tod Maffin Update! We still don’t know for certain that #Content #Marketing expert Tod Maffin is a real person and not a robot, but we love him. Somehow all of his friends all sound like Tim & Eric/Pynchon characters.
9:30 – We try to sing Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” with our mouths for some reason.
17:35 – Lee Keeler, comedian, writer, producer, joins us to talk about ‘Sad Bastard: Practical Wisdom For the Modern A$$hole.’ The first non-aspirational men’s magazine.
41:20 – Playboy drops nudes. We discuss how advertising is building us pigeonholes and the compartmentalization of desire.
52:00 – One of our favorite subjects, Bryant Gumbel sounding like an obnoxious douche.
54:00 – Brendan leads us into a discussion of Greg Hardy and the NFL’s trouble with domestic violence. Brendan coins the term “Dad Woke.”
1:02:00 – ‘Steve Jobs,’ and Aaron Sorkin. Is there anyone else so simultaneously talented and infuriating?
1:19:15 – EMAILS. We advise a listener (probably badly) who wants to know how to hit on a girl in his film class.

267: Leftovers Premiere, Commando’s 30th, and Online Marketing’s Attempt to Ruin English

Comedian Matt Lieb joins FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini and Bret to talk The Leftovers premiere, Commando’s 30th anniversary, kayak lady, the worst Matt Damon editorial ever written, and how online marketing is trying to ruin English. 

2:00 – Matt tries to defend John From Cincinnati

4:00 – Matt quits Talk 9, gets a farewell from Gary From Fremont. “Is all of life, just repeating the mantra ‘This is what I wanted?'”

5:20 – Commando talk

10:49 – Bret and Matt try to guess how many people get killed in Commando. 

14:00 – We finally talk about the Kayak Bear Lady, which hit just after we recorded last week’s show. Matt provides the voice of the bear.

17:42 – WELCOME TO TECH HELL. Are online marketing “gurus” trying to destroy English? We go down the terrifying rabbit hole. Sample sentence: “Content marketing providers will focus on solutions partners.”

38:27 – My story about how I put a couch on the street and accidentally created an artificial reef for hobos.

40:55 – We’ve discovered the world’s hottest Matt Damon hot take, “Earth to Matt Damon, It’s 2015.”

54:00 – John From Cincinnatti. Turns out Matt Lieb was the one guy who liked this show.

55:00 – The Leftovers, and is it just going to Lost us? (It’s a little spoilery, I suppose, but pretty vague). 

1:00:00 – Bret’s bizarre sex dreams, “where I’m pushing a little sea lion around in my palm.” 

1:08:10 – Your emails and voice mails. 

266: Matt Damon Thinks Gays Should Stay In The Closet-Gate, Nonsensical Tech Speak, Tyrese

Matt Damon thinks gays should stay in the closet!? Tyrese thinks Vin Diesel should direct Furious 8?! The Blackberry CEO had an aneurysm? All this and more in this week’s #Frotcast #Content.’s Laremy Legel joins FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini, with veteran Frotcasters Bret and Brendan this week.
Opening – Brendan rants about Draft Kings, and also NFL. 7:19 – Song of the week, the slow cover of Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”8:33 – The CEO of Blackberry wins the all-time prize for terrible tech speak.11:00 – We try to figure out how tech speak got so bad. 13:45 – Brendan discovers Slack. We discuss the phenomenon of one tech company that does the exact same thing as another one being worth a billion dollars. 18:08 – Laremy’s articulate thoughts on ‘Everest.’ 22:37 – This week in misleading thinkpiece headlines: Matt Damon thinks gays should stay in the closet (or does he?)32:05 – Danger Guerrero’s pitch for “Zoo Heist.” 37:20 – My encounter with a “social media expert,” and her expertise regarding #Brands. We invent a new social media job – Doggregator. It’s someone who’s an aggregator of dog Instagrams. 42:00 – Brendan experiences Soul Cycle and other milennial exercise trends.45:30 – An emailer explains the origin of Coors Light’s ad campaign (note: I’m not going to fact check this). 50:00 – Laremy reads his list about Everest.56:37 – Yet another listener with a smug bidet story. 1:00:00 – The fascinating existence of Tyrese Gibson1:14:00 – People naming their children “Katniss Everdeen.” We scour the best seller list to find out who we could’ve been named after.1:16:00 – What caused this week’s Brendan’s laughing jag? Tyrese calling himself “Voltron Chairman.”