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289: Kaseem Bentley and Jane Harrison

Jane Harrison and Kaseem Bentley (named one of San Francisco’s best comedians by SF Weekly) join the FilmDrunk Frotcast to discuss Game Of Thrones, Ted Cruz, and Beyonce’s Lemonade. Also, we take our first live calls listeners., Our #Brand Is #Content.

3:50 – The mystery of Matt Lieb being in my house.
9:06 – Game of Thrones talk begins (fairly light on spoilers, but if you want to skip, the segment is five minutes)
14:00 – Jane and Bret watched The Guest.
17:03 – The Ted Cruz soup story is a continuing source of fascination for us.
25:00 – Are we going to watch Captain America: Civil War? Bret and Jane talk Daredevil.
31:00 – Kaseem shows up.
43:30 – Our first live phone call! Listener calls in while watching Fathers and Daughters, starring Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried.
53:00 – Life advice for a listener who has just lost his virginity at 26 but is now hooking up with a girl who has a boyfriend.
1:09:59 – We talk about Beyonce’s Lemonade, in a classic, let’s-only-get-serious-in-the-last-third-of-the-Frotcast moment. Is the story real?! Did Jay-Z really cheat on Beyoncé or is she just a marketing genius?

288: Siamese Beams, with Joe Sinclitico

Imagine you’ve dedicated more than half your life to something, forgoing comfort and taking a vow of poverty only to toil in obscurity, and then one day, all your dreams come true! That’s what happened to our guest Joe Sinclitico, who’s been doing comedy for 20 years – no agent, no development deals, no sitcom guest appearances – but now, tonight, on Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central, he makes his national television debut. Other topics include Billy Corgan’s appearance on conspiracy pimp Alex Jones’ radio show, in which they discuss “SJWs” (social justice warriors). A little segment we like to call “Siamese Beams.” We also talk HBO’s Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill movie, Confirmation, and answer your relationship questions. Enjoy, Frot on, and write us an iTunes review!

4:05 – Billy Corgan on Alex Jones, aka “Siamese Beams.” 
20:10 – Joe Sinclitico shows up. 
30:55 – Joe’s pitch for an untitled buddy comedy starring Osama Bin Laden and Pat Sajak. Or Pat Morita, hard to say. 
45:00 – I talk about bringing Joe to Phil Rosenthal’s house for pizza. 
1:02:40 – We talk about HBO’s new Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill movie, Confirmation.
1:15:20 – Name Of The Year Draft Update
1:19:04 – Local news story of the week: The “alcoholocaust” drinking game, a Jews v. Nazis version of beer pong. 
1:24:10 – Listener relationship question about a making a platonic friend on Tinder. Cool or not cool? 
1:36:26 – Strong voicemail in which a listener may have inadvertantly put himself on a watch list. 

Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair from Green Room

Vince is in Kentucky this week, so we couldn’t record a normal Frotcast, but on the off chance that you really enjoy the actual-movie-discussions part of the Frotcast, this one should be a treat. Recorded back in September, this is a discussion with Jeremy Saulnier, writer/director of Green Room, and Macon Blair, his old friend and star of Blue Ruin who also plays a supporting role in Green Room. We talk all about getting the film made, what it’s like getting Patrick Stewart to be in your movie, Jeremy’s history in the DC hardcore punk scene (fun fact: he was later into breakdancing), and neo-Nazis using heavy music as a recruitment tool. Enjoy! 

287: Drew Magary, Crying Jordan, and The Legend of LaDasha

This week, we talk about the legend of LaDasha (the apocryphal little girl named La-a), the Crying Jordan meme, and welcome GQ/Deadspin columnist Drew Magary, who tells us about his Chopped win, thumb dance, his new book, and whether I can blame him for the rise of Donald Trump. Hey! Leave us reviews on iTunes! We need them to leave!

Our #Brand is #Content

2:05 – The peculiarly pervasive legend of LaDasha. 
4:00 – We asked our listeners for a “previously on the Frotcast” montage, and they came through.
7:15 – Back to LaDasha. Did Key & Peele try to pass off LaDasha as real thing that happened, or was it a knowing reference to the dumb legend they were making fun of? Discuss.
13:20 – Drew Magary of GQ and Deadspin joins us via Skype. We discuss the Crying Jordan meme, Drew’s now-famous Chopped win (and accompanying thumb dance), and his new book, The Hike (you can order now on Amazon!).
49:16 – Batman Returns, and the guy who played Lattimer in The Program doing an incredible Christopher Walken impression the entire movie. 
1:05:15 – The story of the six-year-olds writing the Zootopia critic about ruining the Tomatometer
1:16:06 – The story of the scientists who discovered that people are turned on by robot privates.

286: The Mormon Name Spelling Game, Batman V Hair, SFSU Dreadlock Fight

So much #Content this week! We talk about Batman V Superman and the movie trend of “climactic hair cutting.” Using actual Mormon names from 2015, we play the Mormon Name Spelling Game. We break down the SFSU fight over white guy dreads and cultural appropriation. But mostly we let Matt Lieb digress into weird sex stuff. 

6:50 – The “climactic hair cutting” movie cliche, and Jesse Eisenberg actually getting asked what it’s like to have to cut his hair.
14:15 – What a “previously on the Frotcast” montage might sound like. 
15:00 – Matt Lieb saw Batman V Superman (brief spoilers, we warn you before)
27:10 – The Year in Mormon Names, including the Mormon name spelling bee
41:00 – The Name Of the Year draft update and early results
52:00 – A lengthy digression about squirting and why Matt Lieb needs to watch videos of people dying after he watches porn.
1:00:00 – Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian getting topless together. 
1:10:36 – We go deep on the viral video out of SF State in which a black student confronts a white student with dreadlocks for culturally appropriating.