Monthly Archives: November 2011

Filmdrunk 75: Thanksgiving Movies, Koi Prank Calls

We wouldn’t skip out on a Frotcast just because of Thanksgiving! We bring on Laremy to discuss the Thanksgiving movies, we read emails, finish off the “Steven Seagal or Porn Star” game Vince so dearly loves, discuss Street Law and Hater Court, and hear from Fake Bret on drawing chairs. Drunk on and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Filmdrunk 73: Pauly Casillas Does NY, Laremy talks War Horse

This week, we have Pauly on to discuss opening for Russell Peters and doing stand up at Carolines in NYC, Laremy bloops in to not talk about War Horse, and then Laremy and Vince describe Michael Fassbender’s tripod like wang. We also read news stories, hear from Occupy Eureka regarding banks pooping on humans, and get an amazing phone call from Dr Martin Sempaa. DRUNK ON!

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Filmdrunk 72: Lindy West in studio

Lindy West is in the house! Lindy is live in the Frotquarters, and hilarity ensues. Vince explains the amazing plot of Tower Heist, and the Frotcast then devolves into a discussion about hipsters, Lindy in LA, and Brendan giving us the most amazing impression of every Peter named actor we can think of. Great times were had. DRUNK ON!

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