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Filmdrunk 145

This week, Adam the Intern visits us in Frotquarters. We learn about the Doo Doo Mop and the Toilet Paper Revolution of the 1880s, talk about Michael Bay and the new Pain and Gain trailer, talk about Will Smiff and his refusal to take certain movie roles, Vince plays his interview with Derek Cianfrance – the director of Blue Valentine and Beyond the Pines, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, and hear Al Pacino’s supercut.

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Frot on!

Filmdrunk 144: Vince SXSW interview with Buck Angel

This week, Vince returns from SXSW in Austin. He brings back audio from his interview with Buck Angel, plays his stand up clip from LA, we play a Real Sports clip, discuss Queen of Versailles, talk about old comedies and if they stay funny, and other frotcastery. Frot on!

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Filmdrunk 143: Vince at SXSW

This week, Bret is in NYC and Vince is in Austin for South By Southwest (or South By as the cool kids call it). Vince talks about his time in Austin (BBQ, seeing Spring Breakers and other movies), Bret tells us about his 3×3 apartment in NYC and getting a tweet from Susan Sarandon, Ben plays a clip from his new favorite show Nathan For You, and other Frotcastery.

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Filmdrunk 142: Bret returns and Matt Ufford

This week we bloop in Bret from his new location in NYC. Matt Ufford of SB Nation also joins us. Bret tells us about his move and living in NYC. Matt lets us know the most fun people he has interviewed with his new super podcasting gig. Vince asks us all our least favorite movie from our favorite director. Other standard Frotcastery ensues. Frot on!

Filmdrunk 141: Leslie Small and Laremy Legel

This week we are missing Brendan and Bret, but we bring comedian Leslie Small into the Frotquarters and bloop in Laremy. We talk about the Oscars, Laremy tells us about visiting the Supreme Court, Vince lets us know how his trip to LA was, we hear from a dreadlocked white slam poet woman, as well as 9 year old rapper Lil Poopy. Drunk on!