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282: Oscars Talk, Tyrese Gibson Is The Real-Life Zoolander, and Joanie Pepperoni

This week, on the Frotcast, we’ve got lots of hot #OSCARSTALK #CONTENT. We discuss this year’s nominees, and choose our all-time favorite and least favorite Best Picture Oscar winners. After that, we talk Tyrese Gibson and Amber Rose talking slut-shaming, and run through a brief history of Tyrese being an idiot. Finally, we discuss police foiling a murder plot using a fake hitman named “Joanie Pepperoni,” an early front runner for news story of the year. Guests include Seattle film critic Laremy Legel, and comedian Joey Avery, along with Vince, Bret, and Matt Lieb.

00:00 – We open the show calling out other movie podcasts, and bring on Laremy, who tells us about How To Be Single. 
5:15 – Laremy and I talk Hail, Caesar, which somehow leads Matt Lieb to reveal his white-hot hatred for Wes Anderson. We then debate the merits of Wes Anderson.
10:00 – Guest Joey Avery arrives in the Frotquarters.
12:17 – Laremy gets interrupted by his dog, Bugsy, who has mental problems and bites people.
17:08 – #OSCARSTALK. This week in #HOTCONTENT. We choose our all-time favorite Best Picture winner, and all-time least favorite Best Picture winners.
25:15 – Talking the OJ show brings about a brief appearance by Brandon from Fremont.
47:28 – We get rid of Laremy so we can talk about Terry Crews’ porn addiction. I was all set to make fun of him, but nope, he’s still a charming man. Matt Lieb also made a commercial with Terry Crews this week (not Chobani). 
56:00 – Tyrese Gibson is the Paternalistic Derek Zoolander Who Doesn’t Make Jokes. We discuss the Amber Rose slut-shaming clip from his new show, then go back through some of the past dumb things he’s said and wonder why anyone gave him a show. 
1:16:19 – The Ballad Of Joanie Pepperoni. Yes, a police department invented an informant known as “Joanie Pepperoni.”

Frotcast 281: Crybaby Startup Guy, Grammies, and Vinyl, with Jane Harrison

Comedian Jane Harrison joins Matt, Vince, and Bret this week, to talk Donald Trump, a whiny startup founder’s crybaby letter to San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, the Grammies and Johnny Depp’s “Hollywood Vampires,” Vinyl, and Chelsea Peretti at the Crunchies. Also, the sound should be better this week, I think I finally got my compression settings worked out. Hooray for #Content!
00:00 – Donald Trump’s incredible stump speeches, which are like a comedian who doesn’t try to be funny and only does crowd work. 12:15 – Understanding Trump’s appeal vis a vis political correctness.15:40 – Whiny crybaby San Francisco start-up founder writes crappy open letter to the mayor about the homelessness problem. 27:53 – Vince’s devil’s advocate theory, finding 2% of common ground with even the assholiest a-holes.42:08 – Grammy talk. Sub-question, why does everyone suddenly know what Hamilton is? 48:40 – Matt Lieb raps about Alexander Hamilton51:30 – Is Kendrick Lamar and other rap over as soon as we discover it? Discuss.59:13 – Talking Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires.1:10:35 – Irish accents, for some reason.1:12:42 – We talk Vinyl, on HBO. Should Andrew Dice Clay always have just been an actor?1:18:50 – A visit from the Queen (I am sorry). 

280: Chi-Raq, with Kaseem Bentley

Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, about a women’s movement to withhold sex to stop gang violence, is now free on Amazon Prime. And now, comedian Kaseem Bentley talking about it is free on the FilmDrunk Frotcast. Matt Lieb and Bret are also in the studio with me, Vince Mancini, for possibly the most #content-filled Frotcast ever recorded. 
3:40 – Matt Lieb tells us about what hot new jokes the comedians in LA are telling. 15:00 – Kaseem Bentley arrives, and immediately roasts Matt for not acknowledging him in McDonald’s (allegedly). 19:15 – Kaseem starts roasting everyone in earnest.25:30 – False start on Chi-raq talk, Kaseem gets distracted and starts laying into me about what a pussy I am. 31:30 – Beyonce’s alleged Red Lobster conspiracy, according to Kaseem.34:45 – The story of Stevie Wonder buying some cocaine from one of Kaseem’s friends.43:57 – We actually start talking about Chi-raq.1:01:05 – Kaseem and Matt reprise Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase, the first appearance of Matt Lieb’s new character, “Jefferson from San Rafael.”1:05:10 – More terrifying stories about Matt Lieb’s dad.1:25:20 – Kaseem may have convinced Bret that he’s been wrong about Bamboozled all of these years. 

279: Guest Matt Ufford – Hail Caesar, The Coen Bros, and the Super Bowl

Award-winning sports personality Matt Ufford (SB Nation, The Inactives podcast) joins IN STUDIO this week, to talk Hail, Caesar! (almost no spoilers) our favorite Coen Bros movies in general, and of course all the media hoopla surrounding this week’s Super Bowl, live from Super Bowl city.