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Frotcast 297: Matt Ufford, Anomalisa

Matt Ufford of SB Nation joins Vince Mancini from Uproxx and the rest of the Frotcrew (Bret and Brendan) to discuss the Game of Thrones finale. After that, we discuss Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion cunnilingus masterpiece Anomalisa. Other topics include Brexit, the world’s worst relationship column, Harambe memes, and of course, Crystal Corner. 

4:55 – Harambe memes. Why so good?
7:30 – Breaking down the world’s worst relationship blog, a divorce between Burners. “This is seriously the new dark ages.” -Bret
19:00 – We crowd source our script for “Cuck to the Future”
19:40 – Matt Ufford joins for some Game of Thrones talk.
26:25 – End Game of Thrones spoilers. Aaand we’re back to the burner article again. 
32:36 – Back to Game of Thrones!
47:00 – How to deal with street petitions, and #DadBrands
55:50 – How your married friends talk to you when you’re the only single one.
58:00 – Mr Robot
1:03:00 – We talk Anomalisa, which was my favorite movie of last year but Brendan did not like.
1:15:00 – CRYSTAL CORNER, with Katy Perry. 
1:21:48 – I discuss my rewatch of The Fast and the Furious, and how awful everything was in 2001. 
1:32:18 – Your emails. Bret’s relationship advice: “You’re not gonna meet someone and it’s gonna be okay. It’s never going to be okay.”

296: Jon Snow Is An Idiot, A Cave Full Of Babies

Matt Lieb, Brendan, Bret, and Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters this week, talking Alex Jones, Game of Thrones, a Tod Maffin Update, Crystal Corner, and some wonderful improvised songs sung to royalty-free music. 

Opening – Matt got a traffic ticket, from a cop who wasn’t even in a car.
6:15 – My terrible Alex Jones impression and our weekly Alex Jones-ridicule session. Also, Alex Jones’ fans are now apparently accusing him of being Jewish.
10:00 – We started talking about Anomalisa, but then Daniel Plainview showed up for some reason. 
14:03 – Game of Thrones talk! Were you “fist pumping the entire time” during this past episode or did you think it kind of felt like half-ass Braveheart? Has Jon Snow learned nothing? Discuss! Or don’t! [SPOILERS FOR 10 MINUTES]
25:39 – An inexplicable detour into Smash Mouth
31:30 – Matt got into a fight over Ghandi. Topic – does modern discourse allow for enough nuance that a public figure can be both good and bad??
37:33 – In what’s becoming a recurring segment, Brendan has some tales from public radio. 
41:42 – The Tod Maffin Update. Today, how to identify millennials hoo-mons.
54:20 – CRYSTAL CORNER. Brendan and Bret derive irrational joy from the theme song. 
59:28 – Matt Lieb improvises lyrics to royalty-free internet songs!
1:01:44 – A song for listener Radd about his brother who isn’t good at fantasy football
1:05:42 – A song for Justin, about HIS brother, who is a teacher, and is getting married. WARNING, EXPLICIT LYRICS. AND GRUNTING.
1:08:29 – A song for AP. It’s a nice light-hearted number about stealing babies and putting them in a cave.
1:14:00 – Your emails.

Frotcast 295: Primer, OJ: Made In America, Vince’s Staph Infection, and Megan Fox

Big topics this week include Primer (2004), Megan Fox in Crystal Corner, OJ: Made in America, and of course my staph infection, and also getting in a car accident on the way to the hospital to be treated for said staph infection. But of course, most of the brilliance was off-topic, including Matt Lieb’s improvised song about eczema, a collaborative Beach Boys song about Jewish conspiracies, and a return visit from El Chapo, who has become addicted to heroin. Que pena. 

Intro – Matt reading mommy blogs to learn about his allergies, leading to a spirited rendition of “The Job Interview Song (Tie Sharona)”
5:30 – I talk about my staph infection, and becoming the Staph Curry of bursa infections. (Fun fact: I got in a car accident on the way to the hospital for my staph infection)
17:55 – Matt had scabies on his penis
21:10 – Brendan got crabs when he was 10. 
23:50 – Beginning of “Okay, Shut Up,” with this week’s topic, Primer (2004). Or, “Bret Explains The Plot of Primer, A Movie The Rest Of Us Didn’t Understand.” 
28:50 – Do we call this style of characterization “human adjacent?”
39:07 – Crystal Corner: Megan Fox
53:00 – Emails, and our new Crystal Corner theme music
56:43 – Matt Sings Songs
1:00:40 – A wonderful improvised song about eczema
1:14:00 – Brief thoughts on OJ: Made In America
1:24:25 – More of your emails
1:34:37 – An Irish listener schools us on some Irish misconceptions surrounding circumcisions.
1:46:03 – We get a visit from heroin addict El Chapo

294: Chappie, and Brian Grubb, The Artist Formerly Known As Danger Guerrero

In his EXCLUSIVE FIRST PODCAST APPEARANCE (sort of but not really), Brian Grubb, the Uproxx writer formerly known as Danger Guerrero, sits in for an interview mostly about TV shows, but also his journey from lawyer to writer, using his disability to score restaurant tables, and more. Before that, we introduce our new segment, “Okay, Shut Up,” which the Frot members finally watch a movie one of us won’t shut up about. This week’s movie, Chappie. We also have a new Crystal Corner, with this week’s celebrity lover of magic crystals, Jenna Dewan Tatum (wife of Channing Tatum, aka C-Tates). There’s even a Royalty-Free Music Improv with Matt Lieb. Enjoy!

Time-Stamped #Content

5:34 – Matt Lieb is locked in a Facebook beef with a guy with a funny name. 
10:36 – Matt explains his gig on “The Star Wars Show” and opening for Gabriel Iglesias
19:25 – The inaugural run of “Okay, Shut Up,” in which we all watch a movie one of us won’t shut up about. This week in Okay Shut Up, Chappie, a movie I (Vince Mancini) never shut up about. 
30:00 – Matt Lieb, on Yolandie Visser’s sex appeal. “It’s like she could rip out your heart and eat it and you’d still have a boner somehow.” 
42:35 – CRYSTAL CORNER! This week’s celebrity who loves the power of healing crystals, Jenna Dewan Tatum. 
53:00 – Royalty-Free Musical Improv, with Matt Lieb
57:40 – The EXCLUSIVE first podcast interview with The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Guerrero, Brian Grubb
1:00:00 – Better Call Saul Vs. Breaking Bad, with Brian Grubb 
1:38:55 – We read your emails, about Jewishness, and Matt’s beef with the anti-circumcision lobby.