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FilmDrunk Frotcast Best Of 2015 Episode

The best moments of the FilmDrunk Frotcast from 2015! Edited by Token, donate a few bucks for his time at Guests featured: Laremy Legel, OJ Patterson, Jane Harrison, Steve Post, Kaseem Bentley, Torio Van Grol, Jason Dove, and Matt Ufford.

00:10 – All the times we told Laremy to shut up.
02:25 – Bret’s Face-Turn, in which he decides to become a shill.
03:14 – Mama’s Little Piss Boy (Ep 269)
10:39 – Brandon Fromfreemont (Ep 244)
15:11 – Corporate Birthday (Ep 270)
18:09 – Bret hates Viral Marketing (Ep 241)
23:06 – Startup Castle Closes/Lieb’s Brain Feed (Ep 255)
27:29 – Uptown Girl Game (Ep 259)
33:59 – The Lieb Brother’s Shoplift (Ep 271)
44:22 – Idaho Tinder Names (Ep 256)
54:12 – Slut Shaming the Black Widow (Ep 248)
1:04:41 – The Elusive Female Urethra/Italian Fathers, Irish Mothers (Ep 272)
1:14:21 – Jaden Smith and Aerosmith (Ep 272)
1:23:21 – Office Kevin (Ep 262)
1:28:49 – 50 Shades of Lieb (Ep 238)
1:32:53 – Name of the Year Draft Bios (Ep 243)
1:36:00 – Jack White Pens a Letter/Jupiter Ascending’s Beeus Ex Machina (Ep 239)
1:40:10 – Oliver Stone’s Snowden (Ep 255)
1:48:00 – Technology of Future Past (Ep 273)
1:55:10 – The Game’s Instagram Erotic Fiction
2:05:17 – Lieb’s Brother (Ep 271)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with Justin Halpern, Pat Schumacker, Laremy, and Matt Lieb

It’s a special edition FilmDrunk Frotcast! Where we actually discuss and review a movie! Justin Halpern and Pat Schumacker from Shit My Dad Says, Laremy Legel from, and comedian Matt Lieb join (Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk) to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Obviously, there will be Star Wars spoilers. Topics include: Hey, whats up with the Force? Who is Rey’s father? Does Luke Skywalker ever use the force to jerk off? Why is Kylo Ren so bad at being a bad guy? And finally, Adam Driver: Surprisingly not Jewish. Enjoy, and we’ll be back with a best-of next week.

273: Creed, Hoodslam, Donald Trump, The Big Short

Is Creed the first boxing movie about a black boxer? The fact that none of us can think of another one says enough. This week we talk Creed, and about Hoodslam, the pro wrestling event we went to in Oakland, play the royalty-free music freestyle challenge, discuss The Big Short, and get an update from Ben, now that he’s back in the country. This week’s Frotcrew: Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, and SF comedian by way of Somerville, Massachusetts, Stevie Post.

6:32 – Talking Creed. Is Sylvester Stallone actually a good actor? Vince takes pro, Stevie Post takes the con.
24:15 – The Royalty-Free Music Freestyle Challenge. Matt Lieb debuts his Randy Newman impression.
28:20 – HOODSLAM. Matt and I discuss attending our first live pro wrestling event since making Whoop Dreams at the Gathering of the Juggalos.
39:58 – Ben joins us via Skype.
44:24 – Matt talks about his time in terrestrial radio, and this week’s meme: “If radio had been invented after the internet, it would be the biggest thing ever.”
51:35 – Donald Trump. Do we should try to shout him down, or stop feeding the troll?
1:03:40 – Ben discusses his travels through Europe.
1:10:50 – Matt becomes extremely adamant about preferring the “perfect woman, but with a penis” over a masculine man, but with a vagina. “I’m not attracted to men, but I am not un-attracted to dicks.”
1:25:00 – The Big Short. Remembering the mortgage crisis, and the idea of the open-source true story movie. 

272: Batman V. Superman, The Leftovers, Jaden Smith Bingo

This week’s show: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Superhero movie fatigue. The Night Before. Brooklyn. The Leftovers (plus Damon Lindelof, Lost, Prometheus). Fargo. Jaden Smith. Old-timey renditions of classic rock songs. Enjoy!

3:30 – Breaking down the Batman v Superman trailer.
12:00 – We talk superhero movie fatigue, and why all the superheroes have to fight each other now. Can’t they just be friends?!
16:30 – Personal stories with Matt Lieb: Making out with his RA to the sound of Tracy Chapman and Maroon 5, and “The Ghosts of Boners Past.”
20:45 – Matt has some conspiracy theories about the female anatomy vis a vis where the pee comes from.
29:54 – Matt Lieb saw The Night Before, which we discuss briefly, before launching into Brooklyn, which he also saw.
42:15 – We rank Thanksgiving side dishes.
53:00 – The Leftovers. Is it so good that everyone has to take back all the crap they talked on Damon Lindelof?
1:04:00 – Brendan and Matt plug Fargo.
1:09:00 – Jaden Smith’s book of “modern day philosophy” in which he plans to discuss “string theory and chaos theory, but more mystical.” This leads us to “Jaden Smith Bingo,” to determine if we can anticipate the life cycle of a psuedo-celebrity meltdown/evolution into ersatz guru. Discuss.
1:19:30 – Lots of singing for some reason.
1:21:45 – Brendan tests his theory about a 30s phonograph version of Aerosmith’s “Rag Doll.” It was very silly. Sadly, we learned of Scott Weiland’s death five minutes after we finished recording.