273: Creed, Hoodslam, Donald Trump, The Big Short

Is Creed the first boxing movie about a black boxer? The fact that none of us can think of another one says enough. This week we talk Creed, and about Hoodslam, the pro wrestling event we went to in Oakland, play the royalty-free music freestyle challenge, discuss The Big Short, and get an update from Ben, now that he’s back in the country. This week’s Frotcrew: Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, and SF comedian by way of Somerville, Massachusetts, Stevie Post.

6:32 – Talking Creed. Is Sylvester Stallone actually a good actor? Vince takes pro, Stevie Post takes the con.
24:15 – The Royalty-Free Music Freestyle Challenge. Matt Lieb debuts his Randy Newman impression.
28:20 – HOODSLAM. Matt and I discuss attending our first live pro wrestling event since making Whoop Dreams at the Gathering of the Juggalos.
39:58 – Ben joins us via Skype.
44:24 – Matt talks about his time in terrestrial radio, and this week’s meme: “If radio had been invented after the internet, it would be the biggest thing ever.”
51:35 – Donald Trump. Do we should try to shout him down, or stop feeding the troll?
1:03:40 – Ben discusses his travels through Europe.
1:10:50 – Matt becomes extremely adamant about preferring the “perfect woman, but with a penis” over a masculine man, but with a vagina. “I’m not attracted to men, but I am not un-attracted to dicks.”
1:25:00 – The Big Short. Remembering the mortgage crisis, and the idea of the open-source true story movie.