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Frotcast 188: True Detective, Her, Movie Pitches with Joe Sinclitico

This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we’re talking about True Detective (the final shot of that last episode!), Spike Jonze’s Her, and we bring on our favorite comedian Joe Sinclitico, who has a whole new batch of movie pitches. Other topics include the sad realization of what male strippers look like in real life, the doc This is What Winning Looks Like, and why Joe is terrible at chewing gum. Until next week.

Frotcast 187: Ben returns, Matt Lieb, the AVN Awards

This week, Ben returns to the Frotcast for the first time since surgery, Matt Lieb is in Frotquarters, and Vince went to the AVNs. Vince plays interviews a dude who made some sex swings as well as porn industry dude Lee Roy Meyers. He also has clips from a roundtable of new porn starlets. We discuss Vegas and how Vegas-y it is, talk about the porn industry. Then we talk a bit about high horsed sports writers, and finish up on Ya Ya from Sandlot fighting a dude and some TV talk. 
Thanks to everyone for your kind words, concern and for staying #FROTSTRONG. I am now completely cancer free. No more chemo or surgeries for this dude. Celebrate accordingly. – Ben

Frotcast 186: The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

This week on the Frotcast, we’re joined in studio by comedian David Gborie and on Skype by Matthew Reynolds, director and star of The Great Chicken Wing Hunt. Matt quit his job as a Reuters writer in Slovakia and dragged his Slovakian girlfriend back to his hometown of Buffalo to make a documentary about a search for the world’s best chicken wing, a cockamamie adventure that saw him spend 16 days in an RV with a Slovakian film crew, a professional eater, and a handful of odd fellas that all decided to dedicate their lives to chicken wings.

We also talk about Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘The Hunt’ which we all watched on Netflix, and David Gborie tells us about his time with Juggalos in Denver, and the year in high school he spent living in a slum in Sierra Leone.

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Frotcast 185: Lone Survivor, Steven Seagal

San Francisco comedian Matt Lieb returns to the Frotquarters, along with Brendan and FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini, with Bret joining via Skype. This week, we talk Lone Survivor, and whether the fact that Peter Berg is a borderline psychotic jingo makes him a better action movie director. We talk about Steven Seagal’s possible run for governor of Arizona, introduce the song of the week – “Get Swoll” – and tell some stories from the world of stand-up, including heckler pilots, and the guy who shaves his fake bleeding fake vagina and takes dumps on stage (who you sometimes have to try to follow). Life’s so rad.

Also, we’re sick of you all acting embarrassed when you tell us that this is your favorite podcast. Be proud! Tell your friends! WE SHALL CONQUER THE WORLD!

Frotcast 184: Wolf of Wall Street

San Francisco comedian Matt Lieb and Bret join Vince and Brendan LIVE IN FROTQUARTERS to debate Wolf of Wall Street, along with’s Laremy Legel joining via Skype. Other topics include the hometown news blotter, in which we read about murders involving people we went to high school with, Matt Lieb’s Lord of the Rings holiday, and Shia Labeouf’s latest idiotic fake apology. We finish things off with an argument I had with Comcast robots in which I tried to get them to feel. It’s easily the best Frotcast of 2014!

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