Frotcast 185: Lone Survivor, Steven Seagal

San Francisco comedian Matt Lieb returns to the Frotquarters, along with Brendan and FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini, with Bret joining via Skype. This week, we talk Lone Survivor, and whether the fact that Peter Berg is a borderline psychotic jingo makes him a better action movie director. We talk about Steven Seagal’s possible run for governor of Arizona, introduce the song of the week – “Get Swoll” – and tell some stories from the world of stand-up, including heckler pilots, and the guy who shaves his fake bleeding fake vagina and takes dumps on stage (who you sometimes have to try to follow). Life’s so rad.

Also, we’re sick of you all acting embarrassed when you tell us that this is your favorite podcast. Be proud! Tell your friends! WE SHALL CONQUER THE WORLD!