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Frotcast 327: Paul Ryan, Papa Roach, and the Aftermath of a Meme, with Justin Halpern

Anyone see that meme going around about Paul Ryan driving off listening to Papa Roach the other day? Justin Halpern made that, as a joke, as a callback to an old story he told on the Frotcast, but everyone wanted to believe it so much that it quickly went viral. This week on the Frotcast, we talk to Justin about the origin and the aftermath, and what it’s like having your dumb joke critiqued by the New York Times and the Washington Post, and being cussed out online by an ethics professor. Comedians Allison Mick and Matt Lieb join Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk in studio. Other topics include Chappelle’s specials (and possible problematicness), public shaming, and remembering Chuck Barris by watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Enjoy and Frot on, donate at

Intro – Matt discusses his slot machine app addiction and how it’s related to his heroin addiction.
3:00 – Is Dave Chappelle problematic now?
25:00 – Enforcing the social contract and the ups and downs of public shaming
39:20 – Justin Halpern joins us to update us on the Paul Ryan/Papa Roach meme, and what happens when you tweet a funny fake thing and it goes viral.
1:28:00 – Talking Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
1:48:01 – Emails

Frotcast 326: Name of the Year Draft, with Matt Ufford

This week, it’s everyone’s favorite Frotcast of the year, the Name of the Year Draft! Matt Ufford from SB Nation joins Vince, Matt Lieb, and Brendan, to choose our team of the silliest names (all real names of real people). We also talk a little Trainspotting, Jeremy Renner’s iPhone app, the wildest local news from Australia, and of course, the Royalty Freestyle. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.


2:00 – A Texas woman wakes up with foreign accent syndrome. “U wot, mate?”

8:00 – Talking Trainspotting and Trainspotting 2

10:00 – Is Artie Lange the Rasputin of comedy?

14:54 – We begin this year’s Name Of The Year Draft

1:05:05 – This week’s Alex Jones montage

1:11:05 – We download Jeremy Renner’s iPhone app

1:21:10 – The Royalty Freestyle, song one, for Charlie P.

1:24:13 – Royalty Freestyle #2, for Greg M.

1:29:13 – Royalty Freestyle #3, for Aymeric

1:33:43 – Local News Corner from Australia

Frotcast 325: Justin Halpern, Matrix Reboot, Back From Dubai

Big show this week! Matt Lieb was accepted into the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Vince is back from Dubai, and Powerless Executive Producer Justin Halpern guests. Comedian Joey Avery is also in the Frotquarters, where we talk the Matrix reboot, Beauty and the Beast’s gay character controversy, that BBC interview guy trying to steal Halpern’s thunder, and Jenna Elfman’s new imaginary friend show. Enjoy, or go Frot yourself! Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.

2:50 – The Matrix reboot, and the internet’s most lukewarm takes about it.

15:30 – Matt Lieb on ‘Get Out’

21:00 – Comedy: what we think is funny vs what the audience thinks is funny, and the compromise.

42:00 – Matt has a story about identical twins dating the same guy

43:30 – Justin Halpern joins the pod (to hear the end of Matt’s twin story)

57:13 – Justin refuses to be outdone by the BBC interview guy with his own baby interruptions

1:00:00 – Some of this year’s most Mormon Mormon names, from ByCommonConsent

1:07:30 – Justin has a Tommy Lee Jones story.

1:11:50 – Justin talks Powerless, and explains why network shows have such a polished “look” to them.

1:17:26 – I talk Dubai for a bit while Justin tends to his child

1:28:44 – We talk ‘Imaginary Mary,’ Jenna Elfman’s imaginary friend show, which quickly transitions into Matt’s irrational hatred for Laura Linney.

Frotcast 324: Oscars Recap, With Laremy

Was this the craziest Oscars ever, or what? We relive the insanity, with Seattle film critic Laremy Legel, joining comedian Joey Avery, Vince, and Brendan in the Frotquarters. Was it Warren Beatty’s fault? Will those Price Waterhouse Cooper accountants commit seppuku in penance? What if it had been Moonlight that had their award taken away mid-speech? We discuss that, Fifty Shades Darker, Jason Whitlock’s terrible JFK take, and Mike Pence looking like a Lego man. Enjoy and Frot on.