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Extra: Kyle Mooney, Tom Colicchio

We couldn’t get the Frotcast gang in the same room this week, but, I do have some interviews to share. The first is with SNL’s Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary, who starred in (Kyle) and directed (Dave) Brigsby Bear, a strange yet sweet movie about a kid who’s raised off the grid watching a TV show that his father has made just for him. We get deep with Kyle and Dave about the filmmaking process, and about San Diego-based comedy, something they have in common with the Frotcast. The second is with Top Chef host Tom Colicchio, who tells us about his first food memory, the validity of “Jersey red sauce,” the way the food industry has changed with the advent of food TV and the internet, and more. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast, email us at, and we’ll be back with the whole gang next week. 

342: Ed Zitron And ‘Lucy’

Luc Besson’s filmography includes such classics as La Femme Nikita, The Professional, The 5th Element, and… uh… Lucy, that one where Scarlett Johansson accidentally ingests some drugs and becomes the human embodiment of the galaxy brain meme. You know how you can only use 10% of your brain? What if Scarlett Johansson could use 100%? Self-hating PR pro Ed Zitron joins Brendan, Matt, and Vince this week as the Frotcast’s first British guest (citation needed?). Other topics include crying Nazis, Tales from NPR, and the Royalty Freestyle. Donate at PATREON DOT COM SLASH FROTCAST! Thanks and Frot on.

00:00 – Talking ‘Lucy’

29:00 – Tales from NPR (PRI, in this case, but whatev): The worst podcast ad ever

35:00 – Crying Nazis

1:20:00 – The Royalty Freestyle, with Matt Lieb



341: Matt Ufford

Republicans like to use “San Francisco” as code for everything wrong with the world, and now we’re in range of North Korean nukes. Uh… does this mean we’re expendable? Our guest, Matt Ufford from SB Nation (and combat veteran!), joins Vince, Matt Lieb, and Brendan to talk about nuclear threats, as well as Matt’s Game of Thrones scorecards and Matt gives us a preview of this season of Hard Knocks (see also: anecdotes from former NFL left tackle, Brendan). Enjoy and Frot on! Donate at

3:00 – Which city would we sacrifice to North Korean nukes.
12:30 – That Google engineer who got fired for saying girls can’t code good
19:35 – Talking Game of Thrones, like every podcast ever.
37:35 – Brendan explains what it’s like to be too old for a bachelor party
48:00 – Matt Ufford’s preview of this season of Hard Knocks.


340: Robocop and Ready Player One

Do you love Robocop (1987)? Then you’ll love this Frotcast (maybe)! Comedian Joey Avery and Matt Lieb from The Star Wars show watched Robocop for the first time, to discuss it with Robocop superfans Vince Mancini and Brendan. Also this week — we talk the strange phenomenon of Ready Player One (soon to be a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg) and examine some of the author’s slam poetry (mmm, member berries). We’ve also got the Worst Takes of The Week and an appreciation of tortured music reviews. Enjoy, and Frot on. Donate at

2:23 – Talking Ready Player One, member berries, and the author’s old slam poetry
33:50 – Discussing the 1987 classic, Robocop.
45:21 – Paul Verheoven’s perverted teen boy sensibility
59:00 – Appreciating the Zucker Brothers classics like Naked Gun and Airplane!
1:05:00 – Worst takes of the week!