341: Matt Ufford

Republicans like to use “San Francisco” as code for everything wrong with the world, and now we’re in range of North Korean nukes. Uh… does this mean we’re expendable? Our guest, Matt Ufford from SB Nation (and combat veteran!), joins Vince, Matt Lieb, and Brendan to talk about nuclear threats, as well as Matt’s Game of Thrones scorecards and Matt gives us a preview of this season of Hard Knocks (see also: anecdotes from former NFL left tackle, Brendan). Enjoy and Frot on! Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast.

3:00 – Which city would we sacrifice to North Korean nukes.
12:30 – That Google engineer who got fired for saying girls can’t code good
19:35 – Talking Game of Thrones, like every podcast ever.
37:35 – Brendan explains what it’s like to be too old for a bachelor party
48:00 – Matt Ufford’s preview of this season of Hard Knocks.