Monthly Archives: November 2023

TEASER – Frotcast 466: All My Apes Blind, with James Fritz and Jessica Sele

This week we are joined by comedians Jessica Sele and James Fritz to talk about the Bored Apes NFT blinding event and more! Subscribe at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast for the full episode and get HUNDREDS more pods just like these! Instantly!

Please buy Jessica’s album! You can buy it here.

UNLOCKED: Frotcast 560 – Inside of Us There Are Two Drews, with Justin Halpern and James Fritz

Now unlocked for the non-pay piggies, it’s Frotcast 560, with Justin Halpern celebrating the end of the writer’s strike and James Fritz. For more incredible content like this, be sure to subscribe at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast!