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259: Cecil the Lion, True Detective with Joe Sinclitico

Great show this week, as our guest, comedian Joe Sinclitico either makes or ruins my show with his audible vaping. Matt Lieb and Bret were also in the Frotquarters to talk Cecil the Lion, Woody Allen, True Detective, and horrible press tour interviews. Also, Matt Lieb introduces his new segment, the “Uptown Girl Game.”
2:34 – Matt Lieb’s incredible “Uptown Girl” talent. Matt Lieb can turn ANY SONG into Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.” It’s really quite something.
9:16 – Cecil the Lion and the cyber lynch mob. “Yeah, but somebody has to go in the wicker man, and I’m glad it’s this guy.” -Bret
23:30 – Ave Maria becomes Uptown Girl. Matt Lieb has the voice of an angel.
24:18 – I try to explain Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” to the frot crew. 
33:40 – Joe Sinclitico calls in. We listen to him vaping.
37:37 – We talk about this season of True Detective and how much we like it and how people that keep whining about it can suck it.
38:50 – Joe Sinclitico was apparently making tea.
53:00 – Joe also has some thoughts about Cecil the Lion. 
1:05:00 – Cara Delavigne’s awful interviewers and the trouble with trying to keep up with psychotically caffeinated morning show hosts on awkward press tours.
1:12:20 – My OTHER favorite awkward press tour interview, the Australian Amy Schumer interview that feels like a Christopher Guest sketch. 
1:15:28 – We bring Joe back. It was a mistake.
1:17:47 – We talk about Southpaw and the trouble with boxing movies.
1:20:00 – We answer a question from the emails about hooking up at weddings. 

Frotcast 258: Guest Matt Ufford Talks Adam Sandler, Gawker Drama, and PISTOL DRONE

SB Nation video (and text!) personality Matt Ufford guest stars this week (with Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini) as we talk about Pixels/Adam Sandler, and this week in pop culture, including Gawker’s Geithner drama, getting to the bottom of Taylor Swift’s latest beef, and our Pistol Drone for President campaign. Plus, your emails.
00:00 – Matt Lieb’s wonderful comedy bit about electric skateboards.2:00 – PIXELS. I describe the plot for Ufford. “I would not have come on this week if I knew this was what I was in for.”6:30 – We talk about Ufford’s tweet about Adam Sandler’s ‘Fart Vacation,’ and what it says about Adam Sandler movies that some people thought this was a real movie.8:43 – GAWKER DRAMA. We talk about Max Read and Tommy Craggs resigning from Gawker after Gawker took down the Geithner post, and what would have to happen for us to resign in protest from a job we otherwise liked (this from a current Vox employee and an Uproxx employee).19:30 – The way the current advertising system creates an environment that produces the kinds of shitty, click-bait content everyone hates, even the people writing it. 20:50 – Matt Lieb finds his new least favorite Gawker post, “the bravery of Judd Apatow knows no bounds,” a snarky takedown of Judd Apatow’s Cosby impression. Ufford and I explain the inside-baseball factors that cause a post like that to get written, and Lieb and I discuss the viability of Cosby jokes.33:36 – We breakdown my new favorite Amy Schumer thinkpiece, from the Guardian, about how Amy Schumer is now *too* successful, and how that could be “potentially problematic” for her. And society. Or something.44:22 – PISTOL DRONE FOR PRESIDENT! Ufford and Bret’s new social media campaign48:30 – THE TAYLOR SWIFT BEEFDOWN. We try to parse Katy Perry’s incredibly obtuse tweet, and the Matts help us get to the root of the now-legendary Katy Perry/Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj beef triangle. “I used to know calculus!” sighs Ufford. 58:26 – Your emails. Starting with the guy whose friend named his son “Revin,” continuing with the guy whose on-again-off-again girlfriend is banging her platonic friend on a European island somewhere and how he should feel about that.

257: Comic-Con Exclusives, Ant-Man, and Suicide Squad with Laremy and Burnsy

Brendan, Bret, and Matt Lieb are out this week (illnesses and extenuating circumstances, couldn’t be helped), but in their place we’ve got Laremy Legel and Ashley Burns joining via Skype. As well as SO MUCH #CONTENT. Turns out, when Matt isn’t around to discuss his sex life, you go deep into the actual Issues of the Day. I’m on the fence about whether this is a good thing. The Ant-Man spoilers are very light, but if you want to avoid them completely, skip from the 27-minutes mark to 34 and you’ll miss everything.
4:44: This week’s fanboy cry sesh: Comic-Con exclusives! Are they exclusive enough anymore? 
5:25: Hey, what ever happened to Nikki Finke?
19:46: Suicide Squad trailer
23:00: C-Tates helping Stan Lee offstage at Comic-Con, and the future of Stan Lee cameos. Like if Stan Lee dies, will Andy Serkis help digitally recreate a Stan Lee cameo?
26:43: First mention of Ant-Man
27:26: Ant-Man end-credits scene spoiler!
28:08: Another Ant-Man end-credits scene spoiler. (sort of. ends about about 28:40)
33:09 – 33:45 Very vague Ant-Man spoilers.
34:50 – 35:30 More slight, vague Ant-Man spoilers.
37:33: Burnsy has a story about meeting a guy from O-Town who is also named Ashley.
38:57: Trainwreck and Judd Apatow. Does he add Melissa-McCarthy-shitting-in-the-street scenes into lady-centric movies to sell them to dudes, or is he just getting blamed for something that’s someone else’s doing? 
45:35: Peter Berg and Caitlyn Jenner
50:05: We try to parse my new favorite RottenTomatoes pull quote. “I’m not sure who’s most responsible for Trainwreck’s ultimate timidity, for the mordant ribaldry evinced in the first half hour or so inexorably oozing into couple-y goo.”
1:09:35: Question from the emails: What is the most 90s movie? 

256: Ted 2, The Trials Of Jared Fogel And Amy Schumer

This week on the Frotcast, the world’s best pop culture podcast! Brendan is back in-studio, joining Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini, with guest comedian Torio Van Grol. Topics:-Matt Lieb’s Breakup. Snuggly Rock has crumbled and winter is coming. Matt joins all the dating sites and we discuss the merits of each, from J-Swype (that’s the Jewish Tinder) to FarmersOnly and AshleyMadison.-Dogfight, the backyard brawling documentary from the director of The U. -Jared from Subway’s child porn. Do we hope it’s true or untrue?-Ted 2 – Matt, Vince, and Torio all saw it, and we agreed the funniest bit in it was the stoners in the back row laughing like Beavis & Butthead at all the worst jokes.- Torio is now a Segway tour guide and tells us about an old lady who fell. – The Amy Schumer thinkpiece industry and the internet science of exposing secret racists. “I saw your secret heart!” -Matt Lieb- License to Shill: Why selling out seems like it must be awesome.-Your emails, including how the Frotcast ruined one listener’s relationship with his father.

255: Oliver Stone’s Snowden, Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs, HBO, and Deaf People’s Orgasms

First of all… DON’T FREAK OUT! I opened this week’s show with about a minute of Matt Lieb’s stand up. It’s something I’ve been wanting to experiment with. After that, it’s a regular Frotcast, with Matt Lieb, Bret, and Vince, live in studio. 
This week’s topics!-What do deaf people sound like when they orgasm? (Don’t ask how we got on this subject)-The ‘rules’ of comedy and thinkpiece culture.-HBO – Game of Thrones and that BIG TWIST in True Detective-The new ‘Snowden’ movie and Oliver Stone.-Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ and Aaron Sorkin in general. (Quoth Bret: “In the first draft of all Aaron Sorkin’s scripts, the female characters are all named ‘MY EX-WIFE.'”)-The Startup Castle gets evicted