259: Cecil the Lion, True Detective with Joe Sinclitico

Great show this week, as our guest, comedian Joe Sinclitico either makes or ruins my show with his audible vaping. Matt Lieb and Bret were also in the Frotquarters to talk Cecil the Lion, Woody Allen, True Detective, and horrible press tour interviews. Also, Matt Lieb introduces his new segment, the “Uptown Girl Game.”
2:34 – Matt Lieb’s incredible “Uptown Girl” talent. Matt Lieb can turn ANY SONG into Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.” It’s really quite something.
9:16 – Cecil the Lion and the cyber lynch mob. “Yeah, but somebody has to go in the wicker man, and I’m glad it’s this guy.” -Bret
23:30 – Ave Maria becomes Uptown Girl. Matt Lieb has the voice of an angel.
24:18 – I try to explain Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” to the frot crew. 
33:40 – Joe Sinclitico calls in. We listen to him vaping.
37:37 – We talk about this season of True Detective and how much we like it and how people that keep whining about it can suck it.
38:50 – Joe Sinclitico was apparently making tea.
53:00 – Joe also has some thoughts about Cecil the Lion. 
1:05:00 – Cara Delavigne’s awful interviewers and the trouble with trying to keep up with psychotically caffeinated morning show hosts on awkward press tours.
1:12:20 – My OTHER favorite awkward press tour interview, the Australian Amy Schumer interview that feels like a Christopher Guest sketch. 
1:15:28 – We bring Joe back. It was a mistake.
1:17:47 – We talk about Southpaw and the trouble with boxing movies.
1:20:00 – We answer a question from the emails about hooking up at weddings.