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Frotcast 192: Captain Phillips, The Oscars, and Google Glass Lady

Comedian/recovering heroin addict Matt Lieb joins the crew on this week’s Frotcast. Ben, Vince, and Matt are live from San Francisco, Bret joins us via Skype from New York. We all saw Captain Phillips this week, which we discuss. Matt liked Tom Hanks in shock at the end. Returning from his travels, Vince talks about Berlin, London, and Budapest, and how the locals never take you to eat cuisine of the country you’re in. We talk about the Oscars this Sunday, which Ben and Bret refuse to watch and wonder how anyone can watch it. Matt talks about why he doesn’t like Her, and why he hates museums. Finally, we wrap things up with a discussion of San Francisco’s Google Glass lady, who said she was a victim of a “hate crime” when people at a bar (Molotov’s) yelled at her and pulled her glasses off. Matt wonders if we’re just being mean to her because it seems acceptable, even if pulling off someone’s glasses and bullying them is totally unacceptable behavior. Then we listen to her talk and we all wonder if she’s actually another anti-gentrification group plant meant to represent “clueless techie,” which would actually make a lot of sense.

Frotcast 191: Laremy, Robocop, True Detective

This week on the Frotcast, we are joined by author/ podcaster/ writer/ Madden Football junkie Laremy Legel of Before blooping him in, we talk about House of Cards and binge watching TV, Brendan’s hatred of Homeland, read some listener Frotcast fan fiction and episode 5 of True Detective. Then we bring Laremy on, first so he can defend and explain his Madden obsession.  Then we talk about the Robocop remake, which Bret hated and Ben liked (shocking). We unfortunately lost Bret toward the end (apologies for the technical difficulties) and finish up talking about Laremy’s trip to Nawlins.

Thanks for listening.

Frot on and Frotstrong!

Frotcast 190: Vince from Berlin, True Detective, 12 O’Clock Boys

This week on the Frotcast, Vince is live from Berlin so we bloop him in at the beginning of the show. We all put on our best German accents and hear what has been happening at the film festival. Once Vince falls asleep, Bret and Brendan tell us what music they have been listening to before we get into the awesomeness that was Episode 4 of True Detective. Including the trackingest tracking shot of all time. This week we all saw the documentary 12 O’Clock Boys- a documentary about a street motorcycle group in Baltimore. Everyone liked it a lot for a variety of reasons. If nothing else, watch it for the slow motion wheelie scenes. We finish up with some talk about the Olympics and Sochi. Thanks for listening. Frot on and FROTSTRONG. 

Frotcast 189: Matt Ufford

This week on the Frotcast, we welcome SB Nation’s Matt Ufford. We talk Super Bowl watching and snacks with the Seahawks fan and NFL vlogger, and what it was like being a fan of a championship-winning team for once. Other topics include the total clusterF of the Sochi Olympics, and Sochi Fail Porn, and we update the standings in our fantasy Oscar draft. Enjoy!