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Filmdrunk 110: Dark Knight Rises

This week on the Frotcast, we bring on Matt Lieb to talk about The Dark Knight Rises (about 43 minutes in – Spoiler Alert), we listen to clips from Newsroom, discuss people burning their feet at Tony Robbins’ Super Villain Seminar, and play a clip from Joe King’s upcoming podcast.

    00:01:20 – Vince starts things off by introducing guest Matt Lieb with a clip of his stand-up where he offends an audience member. Joe King is testing the podcast waters with an idea of interviewing old people, and Vince plays a clip of Joe talking to his mom and grandmother about movies. There’s some talk about drugs, a classic episode of Intervention, adventures in the Tenderloin, and peacock blood feathers.
    00:24:45 – Vince brought some Newsroom clips this week featuring the usual internet hate and some Rush Limbaugh outrage. The guys talk some more drugs, especially about the craft and science behind obtaining/injecting them, and that one drug that makes your skin fall off.
    00:35:22 – Banana hands Tony Robbins made the news this week for one of his seminars where people suffered burns from walking on hot coals.
    00:43:10 – The Dark Knight Rises talk. There be spoilers.
    00:54:12 – It’s been a while, but Armond White gets discussed. This week he wrote a piece about the Aurora incident, the media’s focus on gun control, and Christopher Nolan’s films. The guys talk about causal relationships with culture and media, social commentary, sociopaths, ambiguity and conflict in films, and majoring in Communications. Fake Bret makes an appearance.
    01:18:54 – The guys get into the hot topic of K-Stew cheating on R-Patz, the subsequent public apology, the Shrek of Twilight, K-Stew’s attractiveness and perceived personality, and the actual films themselves. Bret got caught reading Vogue, Matt talks about forcing himself to watch a Tyler Perry movie, and some more dog talk.

Drunk On!

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Filmdrunk 109: Dark Knight Review Troll Eric D. Snider

This week we talk to current internet troller Eric D. Snider, who got kicked off of Rotten Tomatoes for not liking The Dark Knight Rises, even though he hadn’t seen it. We also read emails, listen to voicemails, play clips from Real Sports with Old Journalists, and hear about Brendan cutting a Turd Lock from his new dog’s butt. Drunk On!

    00:01:55 – Bret gets some love for his misanthropic ways via listener emails. A listener shares a dating site experience where he unknowingly became a research subject. The guys talk Newsroom and its defining of characters through hair styles and clothing.
    00:12:12 – Old-school, smarmy sports journalists, with their lack of subtlety, get discussed as Vince plays some clips from HBO’s Real Sports.
    00:25:08 – Film critic Eric Snyder joins the Frotcast to talk about this week’s incident that led to him being kicked off Rotten Tomatoes for baiting its commenters. He talks about his time at the Daily Herald in Provo, Utah, and how he got fired from there. Eric was kind enough to read one of the death threats he got for his Dark Knight Rises prank. Vince has finally made the big time: he has been recently approved by Rotten Tomatoes. Brendan reveals a dark secret.
    01:09:30 – Vince plays a video of vintage trolling. Brendan and Vince share dog pooping stories. The Frotcast puts a call out for a Gathering of the Juggalos correspondent.
    01:22:57 – It’s time for Vince’s Comedy Notebook Roulette. The guys finish up by talking about Jews and motorcycles.

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Filmdrunk 108: Laremy returns

We are missing Brendan this week, but we bring Laremy on to discuss fax machines, comedy (Tosh and his maybe offensive jokes), we read some emails, listened to voicemails and heard about Vince’s trip to the wonderful world of Mexico. Drunk on!

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Filmdrunk 107: Magic Mike and Spider-Man with Brad Brevet

This week, we talk about Newsroom again, Spider-Man and Magic Mike. We bring on Laremy’s podcast co-host Brad Brevet, who goes to Cannes and sees every movie that gets released. We read your emails, play some random news clips, and generally drunk on.

    00:06:08 – The Frotcast begins with some listener emails. Vince reads some self-righteous profiles from OK Cupid.
    00:17:50 – The guys review the second episode of Newsroom, play some clips, and talk about Sorkin’s hatred and complete ignorance of technology. The Borgais gets brought up.
    00:27:30 – Another email is read about a listener who lied about being an astronaut. The guys talk about the differences of PDA, they play a Miley Cyrus news clip, and talk about hanging out with Australians.
    00:34:34 – Brad Brevet joins the Frotcast for the first time. The guys talk about Tommy Bahama, crazies at screenings, Laremy’s writing, and R. Kelly.
    00:50:55 – Vince and Brad both saw The Amazing Spider-Man as well as Magic Mike. Both hated Spider-Man and loved Magic Mike. The guys talk the awesomeness of Matthew McConaughey, the growth of C-Tates, and the acclaim of Steven Soderbergh. Brad and Vince go over the best and worst films of 2011 so far. There is talk of Cannes, Jamaican Precious, Steven Seagal, Comic-Con, and Fake Bret makes a return.
    01:31:40 – Vince talks about the screening he attended in Austin and the canoe trip that preceded it. The guys give a run down on how to achieve the best karaoke experience.

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