Filmdrunk 107: Magic Mike and Spider-Man with Brad Brevet

This week, we talk about Newsroom again, Spider-Man and Magic Mike. We bring on Laremy’s podcast co-host Brad Brevet, who goes to Cannes and sees every movie that gets released. We read your emails, play some random news clips, and generally drunk on.

    00:06:08 – The Frotcast begins with some listener emails. Vince reads some self-righteous profiles from OK Cupid.
    00:17:50 – The guys review the second episode of Newsroom, play some clips, and talk about Sorkin’s hatred and complete ignorance of technology. The Borgais gets brought up.
    00:27:30 – Another email is read about a listener who lied about being an astronaut. The guys talk about the differences of PDA, they play a Miley Cyrus news clip, and talk about hanging out with Australians.
    00:34:34 – Brad Brevet joins the Frotcast for the first time. The guys talk about Tommy Bahama, crazies at screenings, Laremy’s writing, and R. Kelly.
    00:50:55 – Vince and Brad both saw The Amazing Spider-Man as well as Magic Mike. Both hated Spider-Man and loved Magic Mike. The guys talk the awesomeness of Matthew McConaughey, the growth of C-Tates, and the acclaim of Steven Soderbergh. Brad and Vince go over the best and worst films of 2011 so far. There is talk of Cannes, Jamaican Precious, Steven Seagal, Comic-Con, and Fake Bret makes a return.
    01:31:40 – Vince talks about the screening he attended in Austin and the canoe trip that preceded it. The guys give a run down on how to achieve the best karaoke experience.

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