Filmdrunk 106: Matt Louv and Newsroom

This week we bring back the Museum of Comedy Matt Louv. He reads his amazing OK Cupid emails, then we talk about Newsroom for awhile, discuss pick up lines and online dating, and the usual jackassery.

    00:03:00 – Vince recently saw Queen of Versailles, a documentary about a billionaire Florida couple and their time-share business hit hard by the economic crisis. Brendan shares a some family news. Guest Matt Louv and Vince talk shop (open mics) a bit.
    00:11:07 – Fantasy Film Box Office talk. Ben is still leading the way by a large margin.
    00:18:05 – Museum of Comedy Matt Louv reads some of his emails sent to OK Cupid profiles and some of the responses he got. The guys talk about online dating, key words in profiles to avoid, and photo tropes. Favorite pickup lines or anti-pickup lines are brought up, as well as Mystery the Pickup Artist.
    0053:05 – The guys review Aaron Sorkin’s new smarmy show The Newsroom. Vince plays some clips, Brendan yells, and Bret stands up for the show. There is talk of Sorkin’s prickishness, internet opinionators, and the objectivism in journalism and news. The Sorkinism supercut gets some play.
    01:26:20 – The Miami Zombie story seems to have come to a conclusion. Only marijuana was found in his system.

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