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293: Game Of Thrones & Crystal Corner, with Jeff Bayer

Film critic Jeff Bayer from Movie BS and FilmSchoolRejects joins FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini, comedian Joey Avery, and Frotcast co-host Bret to review Game Of Thrones, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Plus our new segment, Crystal Corner, where we talk about which celebrities are into magical healing crystals this week. Then it’s onto your email questions, which, as usual, are all about relationships and pooping., 415 275 0030. Review us on iTunes! 

3:23 – Game of Thrones Talk. Hodor! Zombies! Boobies! Wieners! The Iron Born! Children of the Forest! 
16:44 – Joey Avery and Jeff Bayer arrive.
25:29 – Jeff tells us about Alice Through The Looking Glass
31:00 – Bret polls us on how we don’t kill ourselves, being film critics and all. 
45:00 – X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Captain America: Civil War, with Vince and Jeff.
48:20 – Anthony Weiner, and trying to remember why people were mad at him.
56:30 – CRYSTAL CORNER! This week’s believers in the healing power of magic crystals include Alanis Morisette and a guy from 10 Things I Hate About You. (Bret loves crystals)
1:11:07 – Jeff tells us about his child, who one day decided that he wasn’t going to poop anymore. 
1:23:00 – Charlie Daniels’ NRA video, in which he calls Obama a “fresh-faced flower child.” 
1:30:00 – Answering email question, AND our BRAND NEW EMAILS THEME SONG! 

292: Laremy Returns From Australia, And Neighbors 2 With Joey Avery

“Film Critic” author Laremy Legel and comedian Joey Avery join the Frotcast this week, as we talk Laremy’s trip to Australia, Neighbors 2, “feminism” as a selling point, doing acid at Coachella, and of course, Spencer Pratt’s love of magic crystals. It’s a “cask strength” podcast this week, as I’m drinking Maker’s 46 cask strength (Bret is sipping a double-oaked Woodford Reserve). Help us monetize our #friendship, and be part of our #brand. 

4:26 – “Previously on the Frotcast…”
6:36 – Laremy bloops in via Skype, fresh from Australia, where Garry the Goat lives. He went to a shark museum and the world’s largest IMAX screen.
14:00 – Some Neighbors 2 talk, including whether a movie written by five dudes can be called “feminist.” Also, the new Ghostbusters, and whether we have to cheer something solely because whiny sexist nerds hate it. Does not contain any real spoilers. Except that Laremy has a black friend named Brad.
21:15 – Joey Avery has some great ideas for Frat party themes
23:30 – Why do sororities have so many more rules than fraternities? Is it a substitute for physical hazing?
28:45 – Laremy talks about having the same name as Laremy Tunsil and being off the grid when Laremy Tunsil got caught with his bong video.
35:47 – We talk Captain America: Civil War (SOME LIGHT SPOILERS UNTIL 38 MINUTES) 
42:00 – Does the media market allow critics, pundits, writers whose opinions don’t easily fit into a category anymore? Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece about safe spaces

291: Captain America Civil War, with Matt Lieb and Patrick Schumacker

We dedicated an entire Frotcast to one movie this week — Captain America: Civil War! Comedian Matt Lieb (Flophouse) and TV writer Patrick Schumacker (Sh*t My Dad Says, Surviving Jack, iZombie) join Vince Mancini to talk Cap, the superhero genre in general, Marvel vs DC and everything else. Afterwards, we talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z for some reason, cheating, and the usual dose of weird sex talk with Matt Lieb. 

290: Techie Hate Bait, with Matt Lieb and Joey Avery

Everyone needs things to hate to distract them from the grim specter of death, and this week we have a perfect target: Further Future, the Burning Man of the 1%. Other topics include a first-hand account of Guns N Roses at Coachella, and Matt Lieb singing fully improvised, royalty-free music jams for our Patreon donors. Enjoy! 

5:20 – Email question: What movies do a great job nailing the setting? 
9:45 – Matt Lieb solves the mystery of what he did in my bed last week.
15:00 – Matt denies that living in LA has changed him. 
23:08 – HATE BAIT: Further Future, the Burning Man for the 1%. “Ahh, stuff to hate, the pussy of the lonely.” -Bret
35:25 – Tales from Salesforce, and their Hawaiian-themed nightmare workplace
45:47 – El Chapo flaps in for a visit. Oh how we’ve missed you, El Chapo, our favorite bird bat. 
47:40 – El Chapo sings a song about his impending marriage. 
48:48 – Joey Avery joins, to regale us with stories of Coachella as we try to feast on his youth like aphids. Also, he saw a Guns N Roses show where Axl had to sing while sitting in a chair.
1:02:16 – Royalty-free jams, with Matt Lieb, as reward for Patreon donors. 
1:08:32 – Matt Lieb sings a royalty-free “sea shanty”