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Filmdrunk 80: Last Frotcast of 2011

We recorded the last Frocast of 2011, and bring Burnsy on for a little year end Burnsy’s Corner. We also discuss Young Adult, Mission Impossible, and Dragon Tattoo as well- 3 movies, 1 Frotcast.

    00:02:30 – Brendan regales us with a story about one of his drinking adventures with friend of the Frotcast, Justin.
    00:05:51 – We discuss Young Adult and Vince’s beefs with the film. Everyone agrees that the “popular kid in high school acts like a feudal lord” is a tired cliche in high school movies. This leads to some talk about our past high school experiences. Fun fact: To graduate in Florida you have to fight C-Tates.
    00:18:34 – Burnsy’s Corner is back with some intro music. The Demi Lovato/Disney Channel/Eating Disorder Joke controversy is brought up. Burnsy announces that Van Halen will be back on tour, and to celebrate the occassion we talk to David Lee Roth live via satellite.
    00:44:35 – Vince reveals that he once had to review the Fleshlight. In a weird correlation, we have a news story about a meth head that used a chihuahua as a Fleshlight. We also share some of our Free Health Clinic stories.
    01:11:43 – Ben prematurely breaks out his top 10 list for 2011, which features Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s agreed that the only way to see Mission Impossible is on IMAX. We discuss IMAX vs. 3D. Vince feels that the first two hours of Dragon Tattoo is reminiscent of Zodiac, but the ending felt like a Lifetime movie. Ben agrees about the ending, but gives the film a “Jew Thumbs Up.” British Bill Cosby pops up and makes Bret puke.
    01:27:50 – Our favorite film critc/blowhard, Armond White, reviews the Frotcast.

Drunk on, and Happy New Year!

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Filmdrunk 79: Prison Memoirs, Heroin, & Hannukkah Songs

This week, we talk to Vince’s classmate at Columbia and published author, Matthew Parker (00:02:07). Matthew discusses with us his life in jail AND prison starting at the age of 13, getting busted for counterfeiting, and becoming a free man in March of 2002. He compares county jail, state and federal prison to the higher education system, and describes what lead to his addiction to heroin and quitting for good at the age of 40. Vince and Matthew reminisce about their time at Columbia, and how a piece of Matthew’s got published in the NY Times that led to him getting an agent. His graphic memoir “Larceny in My Blood: A Memoir of Handcuffs, Heroin, and Higher Education” will be released on August 7th and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Then we get into Burnsy’s Corner to discuss the worst movies of the year (00:44:49). Burnsy should be considered an American hero for watching both Bucky Larson and Jack and Jill. You should check out his Top 10 post on FilmDrunk if you haven’t done so all ready. Not to spoil Burnsy’s list, but “Tower Heist” earned the #1 spot. Vince thinks that’s bullshit, but they both agree the film is fantastically insulting to viewers. The discussions soon dissolves into who’s more polarizing; Bret, Fake Bret, or Lindy. Vince pulls out a timely Fatty Arbuckle reference, and a hypothetical discussion of how one would go about making jizz angels pops up.

After last weeks Christmas songs, Burnsy brought some Hannukah songs for all the heathens to listen to (01:03:00). Vince gets mistaken for a Joo. Flaming manginas and turkish knife fights are brought up.

The final segment deals with Vince Mangina and his merkin, Chuck Liddell and his eternal mohawk, and science (xyience??) (01:17:09). Brendan goes through Vince’s notebook while he steps out. We talk about our best films of 2011. Somehow Transformers 3 (guess who) gets mentioned along with Drive, Hesher, X-Men: First Class, Thor, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Midnight in Paris, Cedar Rapids, 50/50, and Like Crazy. Vince’s top pick is Elite Squad 2 from Brazil. Tim and Eric’s Million Dollar Movie gets mentioned, as well as the reactions to their absurdist humor. Cool uncle names gets talked about. From the news and listener emails we talk about the guy who died from eating cocaine from his brother’s butt, Brendan gets some tips on dealing with Vince’s hecklers, and we learn about a crazy Florida radiologist who is raising money for Joran Van der Sloot.

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Filmdrunk 78: Holiday Songs, Awards Season Preview, Reader Questions

This week, we have both Burnsy (from WithLeather/FilmDrunk) on for a Christmas Song edition of Burnsy’s Corner and bring Laremy Legel from on to discuss the upcoming awards season. We actually talk movies! Vince gets angry that movies pander to the awards voters, we listen to a little of Vince’s standup (and Brendan tell a guy to SHUT UP), and answer your life/relationship questions.

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Frotcast 77: MMA, MMA Movies with Ryan from Fightlinker

This week on the Frotcast, Ben is in Hawaii, so it’s kind of a disorganized disaster like it always is when he’s gone. Nonetheless, we bring on Ryan Harkness from, one of our favorite MMA sites, to talk about MMA and MMA movies, and living in Montreal. We discuss the weekend’s Ultimate Fighter Finale, why Mayhem gassed, the new Three Stooges trailer, the World Cup of Quidditch, Brendan’s holiday party, Warrior, Vince’s cotton-candy hair, and many, many other thoroughly fascinating topics. I am sorry. So very, very sorry.

Filmdrunk 76: Awkward Movie Moments with Mom, WarmingGlow/SB Nation’s Matt Ufford

This week we read your “awkward movie moments with mom” emails, bloop in Matt Ufford with a Frotcast Exclusive announcement, have a long discussion about the history of internet porn, read a “safety tip” email Brendan received, Vince talks about getting in a fight for telling someone to go back to Scarf Town, and other nonsense ensues. DRUNK ON!

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