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Frotcast 195: Grantland’s Andrew Sharp, Troll Article Writer Extraordinaire

What makes a good troll article? How can you write a fake sports column that sounds believable enough to fool half the people, while being a hilarious parody to the other half? Grantland’s Andrew Sharp, former writer of SB Nation’s “Troll Tuesday,” current writer of Grantland’s #HotSportsTakes, joins us on this week’s Frotcast to explain. We get the skinny on who he’s fooled, who he’s pissed off, and who he’s sleeping with (maybe). Vince, Brendan, and Matt Lieb are in the Frotquarters this week. We also cover Matt’s drop-in set at City Hall to do gentrification comedy (no, seriously), why San Francisco is full of bossy pricks, the return of “DEEZ NUTS,” the most recent 30 for 30, and UFC 172. ENJOY!

Frotcast 181: Matt Ufford and The Pomegrandler

This week on the Frotcast, the world’s best sort-of movie podcast, we’ve got SBNation’s Matt Ufford joining us via Skype. We start things off old school, with the latest poop transplant news, including the poop pill pioneering being done in Canada. We transition into a discussion of Kevin Connolly’s (E from Entourage) 30 for 30 episode. We get into our favorite TV shows of the week. Before long I introduce the rest of the Frot gang to our new obsession, the vegan hippie rap bros Chef Seth and Pa-Chow. They even inspire a new character, “The Pomegrandler,” the hippie vegan Whole Foods answer to The Hamburglar. We talk a little about Paul Walker and the anus of SEO, before finishing things off with The Listener Word Bucket, including your relationship questions about whether your lady should accept your porn watching and the etiquette of herpes dating. Enjoy. Tell your friends and all that sh*t.

Live, love, Frot.

Frotcast 178: Alison Stevenson, Hobbit Food, BDSM Seminars

This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we bring on Alison Stevenson, she of Vice and FilmDrunk’s award-winning “Rum and Rom-Coms” feature fame. We talk about Vince and Matt Lieb’s Hobbit meal at Denny’s, the “financial domination” seminar Alison attended, and all of the movies Ben has been watching during chemo, including Skyfall and Man of Steel.

We share dating stories, including Alison’s OKCupid date on mushrooms. We answer your questions, including Brendan’s stories about how the NFL deals with concussions, and a reader who has implemented “Hater Court” at a daycare. Plus another about a homeless lady putting speed stick on her vagina. Good times, good times.