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TEASER: Matt Lieb is Engaged and More News

Here’s a little teaser from our latest bonus Frotcast episode for Patreon. Matt Lieb shares some very special news about commitment: he is engaged, and also another thing that you’ll find out about at the end of the teaser. Also, we talk about newly divorced dad, Bill Gates, and whether Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos will become the superior divorced dad billionaire super villain. Beyond Bill and Bezos there’s also Ben, Affleck that is, who got “caught” (if you can call it that) doing regular ass divorced dad stuff like tryna holla at girls on dating apps. Not the trash dating apps piggies like you use, the special ones for celebrities, that you can only be on if you’re a big star like Ben Affleck or some random Tik Toker who will share videos of Ben Affleck tryna holla. Boy, this was a journey. Also, Laremy is here! Everyone loves Laremy.

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TEASER: Frotcast 444: Amber Turd and Other Celeb Love Stories w Francesca Fiorentini

FROM THIS WEEK’S BONUS PATREON-ONLY EPISODE! The full episode is available to our Patreon subscribers at

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Hey everyone,

Matt Lieb here. While Vince Mancini is off vacationing with his family and somehow leading a normal life from what I see on Instagram, I decided for the first time ever to give all y’all Patreon piggies a Vince-less bonus episode. This week, I invited my best special friend Francesca Fiorentini (Bitchuation Room, MSNBC, my girlfriend) into the frotquarters to discuss other celebrity power couples besides her and me. We talk Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s increasingly hilarious press and legal battles which include allegations of Amber Heard taking a “whooper poop” on the bed, and contrast their terrible relationship with Jada and Will Smith’s cute and painfully modern relationship complete with consensual extra-marital cucking and live stream processing. Me and Francesca like to think we’re somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. It’s a fun episode. Listen to it.


Frotcast 404: Abducted In Plain Sight, With Francesca Fiorentini

Hello Frotland! Matt Lieb here and we’ve got your weekly fix of the Filmdrunk Frotcast. This week, we had the hilarious and beautiful and my girlfriend Francesca Fiorentini in the LA Frotquarters and we discuss everything from Jussie Smollett, Jacob Wohl, to our nice little day trip to Palm Springs that we just got back from where she and I lounged by the pool all day. She’s my girlfriend. Eventually, Vince and I discuss Netflix’s Abducted in Plain Sight about a super sexual predator who will seduce an entire family just to get to a little girl. It’s pretty amazing and horrifying. So have a listen! And give us some stars and a review on iTunes, if you want. THANKS!

370: ‘Solo’ I Can’t Hear You Boycotting, With Joe Sinclitico And Alison Stevenson

This week on the Frotcast, we’re recording from the new Frotquarters in LA for the first time ever! But we’ve got that same ol’ Frotcast magic, thanks to returning guests comedian Joe Sinclitico and comedienne Alison Stevenson — with Matt Lieb joining remotely and Vince Mancini handling the controls. This week we’re talking ‘Solo,’ sort of, and the weird, Gam3rg8-esque backlash that’s convinced that Kathleen Kennedy is using Star Wars to advance a “feminist agenda.” We also discuss Gringo, the John McAfee documentary about how he likes to kill people and eat poop (seriously, he lets ladies poop in his mouth). And we learn about Alison’s dating life, talk “ghosting,” and all the 21st century relationship etiquette. Enjoy and Frot on, donate at and don’t forget to review us on iTunes so we can climb the charts and rule the world.


It’s the FilmDrunk Frotcast Best of 2014, edited by Most Valuable Listener Token.

Intro Ep 222
0:01:08 Ep 219 Introduction of Gary from Freemont
0:06:38 Ep 223 Andrew Roberts solves/worsens America’s Racial issues
0:09:13 Ep 221 Alison gets a dating profile message
0:21:12 Ep 210 Bret’s Town house Ghost/Ufford makes a salad
0:30:24 Ep 224 Gone Girl/Ben’s Girlfriend/LAX bro Voicemail
0:42:37 Ep 209 China’s dick sucking robot
0:50:21 Ep 218 Joe Sinclitico pitches “The Forest”
0:54:56 Ep 222 Kentucky Kindergarten names
0:59:52 Ep 226 Purssey, Merney, Kerffee
1:01:54 Ep 226 The Linkin Park movie/Marlins Will Soar
1:08:44 Ep 221 Rating Alison’s Dick Picks
1:14:46 Ep 216 Vladimir Putin steals Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring
1:21:55 Ep 213 Matt Lieb Loves Red Dragon
1:25:31 Ep 230 Jane Starling vs Bret Lectre
1:39:58 Ep 227 Lieb’s interview with Joe Hanh
1:52:26 Ep 218 Joe Sinclitico responds to China’s dick sucking robot tech
2:00:24 Ep 224 Jumper outro
Bonus clip Ep 217 The Internet wasn’t worth it

Guests Featured:
Matt Ufford
Laremy Legel
Jane Harrison
Alison Stevenson
Andrew Roberts
Patrick Schumacher
Justin Halpern
O.J. Patterson
Joe Sinclitico
William Head
Heather Dockray

Episode Clips used:
184,198(2),202,209 (2),210(5),211,213 (3),216,217,218 (4),219 (2),221 (2),222 (3),223,224 (6),226 (5),227,230(3)

Frotcast 202: True Romance & Patrick Schumacker’s Wedding Nightmare

San Francisco comedians Matt Lieb & OJ Patterson join for a Frotcast about True Romance, plus Surviving Jack writer Patrick Schumacker calls in to talk about The Hemorrhoid That Destroyed a Marriage. Okay, technically just a wedding, but it’s still a great story. In a surprise turn, his show got cancelled just a few hours before we recorded :-(. We start off with a little about OJ, the San Francisco comedy scene, and Matt having to talk the crazy girl who spit in his face out of suicide. We finish off with an in-depth conversation about True Romance. Typical FilmDrunk Frotcast. 

Frotcast 200! Laremy, Transcendence, and Heather the Glib Lesbian

200 Frotcasts! We celebrate with’s Laremy Legel, who joins at the top top of the frot to read us his latest list and talk about Transcendence, which he also thought was much better than its 19% RT recommended rating would indicate. We answer a few of your reader questions about comedy and anal, and Ben calls us direct from Thailand (, if you’re wondering what he’s been up to). Then we bring on everyone’s favorite glib lesbian, Heather. She tells us about teaching writing at a prison, working as a mad scientist for children’s parties, and what it’s like being known around Brooklyn as “the lesbian who hates sex.” 

Frotcast 183: Shia Labeouf, Do the Right Thing, Worst Movies of 2013

Matt Lieb was back in the Frotquarters this week, joining Bret and Burnsy via Skype. We talked about the Shia Labeouf plagiarism fiasco, Burnsy explained some of his choices for the worst movies of 2013, and we had a classic movie discussion of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.

This week’s clips included The Most Confusing Commercial Ever, The Most Australian News Clip of All Time, and a couple embarrassing accidental voice mails (don’t forget to hang up your phone next time you leave one!).

If you’re listening and you haven’t gotten to the Australia TV clips yet, I’d recommend sticking around.

Frotcast 182: Matt Lieb, Tila Tequila’s Anti-Semitic Meltdown

This week on the Frotcast, San Francisco comedian Matt Lieb drops by to tell us all about his latest healthy relationship after his last girl choked him out and spit on his face in a minivan. We listen to the song of the week, Tay Allyn, and her amazing commencement speech. We talk about Andy Serkis’s mo-cap Animal Farm movie, and Bret gives us the illustrator/coder’s perspective on hating motion-capture. Bret saw the Hobbit, but not in time to record. He did see The Way Way Back though! And of course, we talk about Tila Tequila’s wonderful anti-semitic breakdown in which she talks about the hollow moon, the synagogue of Satan, the illuminati, etc. etc. Fun for the whole family!

Quote: “I’m fake and gay? THIS WHOLE COURTROOM IS FAKE AND GAY!” -Our pitch for ‘Mr. Smith Goes to the Internet.’