Monthly Archives: May 2014

Frotcast 205: Director Ti West from ‘The Sacrament’

The Sacrament opens June 6th, and director Ti West joins us to talk about the process of getting it made, and of becoming a filmmaker in general. Ti’s one of the few people in the world as fanatical about MMA as Vince, so we naturally talk about Wanderlei and Vitor for a while. I saw A Million Ways To Die In The West and we talk about Seth MacFarlane, whether a reference is considered a joke, and having the balls to write yourself into a love triangle between Amanda Seyfried and Charlize Theron. Which of course brings up the Elliot Rodger/Anne Hornaday/Seth Rogen dynamic. So topics. Much conversate. Wow. 

Frotcast 204: Godzilla, X-Men, and Casablanca With Laremy and OJ

Comedian OJ Patterson and’s Laremy Legel join the FilmDrunk frotcrew to talk about Godzilla, a little about X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Casablanca, for our throwback title of the week. Laremy offers the top 10 reasons his Kickstarter project did not get funded :-(. Bret even joins us to give us an update on Bret! Exciting times! 

Frotcast 203: Burnsy’s Corner & More Fun With Sterling, With Torio Van Grol

“He had those AIDS!” This week, we have some fun with Donald Sterling talking about Magic Johnson, Burnsy introduces three songs of summer in Burnsy’s Corner: Froggy Fresh’s “Stolen Bikes 2,” Stitches, with “Brick In Yo Face,” and an abomination called “The Plastics.” We talk about hemorrhoids, the most Florida things Burnsy has ever seen, and Ben bloops in from Malaysia. Our guest this week is comedian Torio Van Grol. Enjoy! 

Frotcast 202: True Romance & Patrick Schumacker’s Wedding Nightmare

San Francisco comedians Matt Lieb & OJ Patterson join for a Frotcast about True Romance, plus Surviving Jack writer Patrick Schumacker calls in to talk about The Hemorrhoid That Destroyed a Marriage. Okay, technically just a wedding, but it’s still a great story. In a surprise turn, his show got cancelled just a few hours before we recorded :-(. We start off with a little about OJ, the San Francisco comedy scene, and Matt having to talk the crazy girl who spit in his face out of suicide. We finish off with an in-depth conversation about True Romance. Typical FilmDrunk Frotcast. 

Frotcast 201: Paul Shirley & Laremy Talk Donald Sterling & Short Term 12

Former NBA player Paul Shirley joins us at the top of the frot this week to talk about Donald Sterling and all the actual racist stuff he’s done vs. the weird stuff he said to his mistress that he actually got in trouble for. Questions include: is falling all over yourself to condemn him a case of thou dost protest too much? And is it better to have honest racists or racists who are smart enough to censor themselves? After that, we talk about the “botched” execution and the idea of cognitive dissonance in general, and then we get a visit from Ben, live from Thailand. He tells us about partying with monkeys and the beach where they shot The Beach, and we wrap things up with’s Laremy Legel on the subject of Short Term 12. Oh, and Matt Lieb finally comes clean about what it is about quicksand porn that he finds so hot. Enjoy.