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366: The Shorty Awards Infinity Awards

It’s Avengers Infinity Wars week on the Frotcast, not because we talk about the Marvel film, but because we’re doing our own huge team-up event with past guests Jane Harrison, Allison Mick, Joey Avery, and Matt Lieb all together on the same podcast. We discuss Adam Pally going memorably off-script at the Shorty Awards, with Jane providing additional context on account of she was actually at the awards. Jane also updates us on her rescue cat that tried to kill her. I talk briefly (no spoilers) about Avengers Infinity Wars, the Golden State Killer getting caught, and Alex Jones’ meltdown about being Trump dumping him. Enjoy and frot on, donate at Patreon Dot Com Slash Frotcast. 

2:00 – Jane’s first-hand account of attending The Shorty Awards, along with Adam Pally’s brutal shredding of the Shorty Awards while presenting

38:00 – Jane’s thrilling story of her cat trying to kill her.

51:00 – The Avengers Infinity Wars led to diarrhea on my rug

365: Name Of The Year Draft, With Steve Bramucci

Matt Lieb is back in the studio this week with Vince and Brendan, along with guest Steve Bramucci, Uproxx Life editor, for everyone’s favorite Frotcast of the year: the Name of the Year draft! Before that, we discuss some classic movies I saw on the plane (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Silence of the Lambs, Die Hard, Raging Bull), as well as HOGG WATCH — about which conservatives are losing their jobs for being Mad Online about David Hogg this week. We also discuss the second half of Wild, Wild Country on Netflix and finish things off with more Royalty Freestyle. Enjoy, Frot On, and remember to always commit to your sex cult, kids. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast. 

2:20 – How to name your child

9:00 – Matt attempts to explain the Jewdas Seder controversy

10:45 – Movies on a plane! Thoughts on rewatching Raiders of the Lost Ark, Silence of the Lambs, Die Hard, and Raging Bull in 2018.

16:28 – Remembering the famous “story conference” about Raiders Of The Lost Ark, with Matt playing the part of teen-loving George Lucas

25:00 – This week’s HOGG WATCH, an accounting of which conservatives lost their jobs for being Mad Online about David Hogg.

38:20 – Everyone’s favorite segment of the year, the NAME OF THE YEAR DRAFT!

1:01:40 – We all finished Wild, Wild Country; we discuss the ending, and how society is coming around on cults.

1:21:00 – Royalty Freestyle (Drew D, Scott S, Tyrel H)

364: Bob Honey Who Just Does Fish, With Red Scott And Allison Mick

This week on the Frotcast, Matt Lieb is back live in studio with Vince, joined by Red Scott from Boars, Gore, and Swords and comedian Allison Mick. Our topics include our predictions for the inevitable bad takes about the YouTube shooting, Matt finally telling the full story of the time he had sex with a Big Mouth Billy Bass when he was a horny teen, discussing Sean Penn’s horrific new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, breaking down the first few episodes of Wild, Wild Country on Netflix (during which Allison reveals that she also grew up in a cult), and we finish things off with a spirited session of the Royalty Freestyle, in which Matt Lieb attempts to improvise lyrics to royalty free music tracks (parental advisory, explicit lyrics warning). Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast, frot strong, good night and eat the peach.


00:00 – Getting to know our new guest, Red Scott from Boars, Gore, and Swords

4:40 – Playing “Inevitable Bad Take Bingo” with the latest *female* mass shooter at YouTube

17:50 – Matt Lieb discussing why he relates to the movie character Jason.

22:38 – Red Scott defends Ready Player One (the book) and why you could give it a pass pre-Gamer Gate

24:43 – Allison Mick yells at me for not liking A Wrinkle In Time

27:00 – I (Vince) attempt to explain the plot of Midnight Sun

34:00 – Matt finally tells the whole story about having sex with a Big Mouth Billy Bass and it turns out to be even creepier than we ever imagined.

41:00 – Discussing Sean Penn’s Amazingly Alliterative New Novel, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’

1:19:00 – Royalty Freestyle