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Frotcast 149: Joe Sinclitico and Zeke the Intern

This week, Vince’s new intern Zeke stops by the Frotquarters and tells us about Pittsburgh. He also saw Pain and Gain, Vince saw The Big Wedding, and we have the one and only Joe Sinclitico blooped in (the comedian formerly known as Joe King). We also listen to the trailer for After Earth, and discuss Zach Braff’s Kickstarter project.

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Frotcast 148: Comedian Pam Benjamin, Clown Orgies, Oblivion

This week on the Frotcast, we’re short staffed, with Ben down in Southern California with family and Brendan out at a work function or possibly strung out on heroin. But we make the most of it, bringing on San Francisco comedienne and writer Pam Benjamin, who tells us all about her journey from sheltered Christian girl to divorceé and participant in a GHB-fueled karaoke orgy on a houseboat with a group of porn clowns (note: this is a real thing). We talk a little about the news, like Justin Bieber at the Anne Frank museum, Tyler Perry’s motivational stove, and the police chief who ate his daughter’s entire pot cake. Also, I saw Oblivion, and we talk about that. Cool? Cool.

Frotcast 147: 4/9/13 with Laremy

This week we all saw a movie! Except Laremy, which is hard to believe since he sees every movie ever. We all watched Room 237, which no one liked but will put you right to sleep if you REALLY need a nap. Vince reads us an email from Tyler Perry, we go over some results of a poll where people thing Obama is the Anti-Christ, Laremy bloops in and reads us a list of things he complains about, and other standard Frotcastry.

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Frotcast 146: 4/3/13

On this weeks Frotcast:

– Brendan declares that Vince’s first Comedy Album shall be named Joke Jizz Volume 1

– We discuss the crappiness of current late night TV and Sitcoms.

– Read some listener emails.

– Discussion about the TV show girls

– Bret saw the Hobbit

– Vince and Bret saw Stoker and did not like it.

– Vince tells us to watch the new Ultimate Fighter.

– Brendan finishes the show with some impressions.

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