Monthly Archives: February 2015

240: Fifty Shades Of Porn, With Jane Harrison

This week on the Frotcast, comedian Jane Harrison joins Matt Lieb, Vince, and Bret in the Frotquarters. We open talking about Mystique from X-Men being the perfect woman, which leads us to the appeal of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ and pretty much all things porn – watching it, guilt surrounding it, evolution of desires, the search for novelty, whether the younger generation’s ideas about sex have been skewed by, whether it changes intimacy in a relationship, etc. etc. It just sort of happened. We also talk about the Oscars and pitch a TV show about Matt Lieb and his silicone sex butt, which he kept in his closet when he lived with his mom. Matt Lieb is a sick, sick, man.

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239: Wetlands, With ‘Party Like A President’ Author Brian Abrams

We open this week’s show discussing Matt Lieb’s romantic Valentine’s Day on Snuggly Rock, which leads in to other Valentine’s Day stories, and whether we feel pressure to have sex when we can hear lots of sex happening around us. I read the infamous Jack White Guacamole Letter of 2015 and we discuss whether Jack White realizes how insane he sounds. Bret hadn’t heard us talk about Jupiter “Bees Recognize Royalty” Ascending yet, and we discuss whether Mila Kunis being able to control bees counts as a Beeus Ex Machina, or if it’s more of a Chekhov’s Bees kind of situation. We get into SNL 40, with the big question being, should they have invited Sarah Palin on and thus be complicit in making her look like a good sport? Then we bring on Brian Abrams to discuss his new book, ‘Party Like A President: True Tales of Inebriation, Lechery, and Mischief From the Oval Office,’ and to talk about ‘Wetlands,’ the infamous German vagina movie that’s now on Netflix. The big question about Wetlands seems to be: does punk rock need a political agenda, or can it just be taking a dump onstage purely for the pleasure of taking a dump? Enjoy, Frot On, Tell a Friend.EMAIL: frotcast @gmail.comVOICE MAIL: 415 275 0030

238: Starring Matt Lieb As Christian Grey

Comedians Matt Lieb and Torio Van Grol are in the Frotquarters this week, with’s Laremy Legel joining via Skype. We open discussing Matt Lieb’s recent audition for Adam Devine’s House Party, and lead into arguments about Kurt Cobain and our pitches for Spider-Man now that Marvel is rebooting the franchise. We get into that crazy NY Times article about the internet shame machine and the girl who lost her job and had to move to Africa over a bad AIDS joke. Laremy comes on to talk about his viewings of Kingsman: The Secret Service, and of course, Fifty Shades of Grey, leading to Matt Lieb’s truly priceless Christian Grey impression. Enjoy. 

237: ‘Scarehouse’ Director Gavin Booth

Back from hiatus, we’ve got Matt Lieb and Brendan in the Frotquarters with Ben joining via Skype. We talk about Matt Lieb’s newly-acquired quicksand porn (thanks, listeners!), read an alleged treatment for Kevin Spacey’s body-swap-with-a-cat comedy sent in by a listener, and talk about my trips to the AVN Awards and to Sundance. Then we bloop in Gavin Booth, director of Scarehouse, to talk about the challenges of shooting a horror movie and being Canadian, and also the dumb things people ask at Q & As. Also, I convince everyone to see Jupiter Ascending because it’s one of the most ridiculous movies ever. Enjoy!