Monthly Archives: April 2014

Frotcast 200! Laremy, Transcendence, and Heather the Glib Lesbian

200 Frotcasts! We celebrate with’s Laremy Legel, who joins at the top top of the frot to read us his latest list and talk about Transcendence, which he also thought was much better than its 19% RT recommended rating would indicate. We answer a few of your reader questions about comedy and anal, and Ben calls us direct from Thailand (, if you’re wondering what he’s been up to). Then we bring on everyone’s favorite glib lesbian, Heather. She tells us about teaching writing at a prison, working as a mad scientist for children’s parties, and what it’s like being known around Brooklyn as “the lesbian who hates sex.” 

Frotcast 199: Awful Viral Ads & Burnsy’s Songs of Summer With Jason Dove

SF comedian and conspiracy nut Jason Dove drops by the Frotcast, while Uproxx’s Ashley Burns joins via Skype to talk about the origin of Boo Boo Stewart, and we find the world’s most evil viral ad. Burnsy introduces his pick for the song of the Summer, and we listen to the best interview of the week, with “Jammie,” who spells his name visually. Burnsy complains about Empire Records, we get a Jaden Smith update, Jason Dove tells us about the latest conspiracies, we read your porn emails and Brendan tells us about a dance battle he got into at a wedding. 

Frotcast 198: Heterosexual Gay Porn Editor William Head

William Head is a San Francisco comedian and filmmaker by night, gay porn editor by day. We talk to him about what it’s like being a straight man who edits gay porn, and how he came upon such a lifestyle. We discuss Vice’s “Why San Francisco Is The Worst City Ever” article, our personal experience with such things, and San Francisco stereotypes in general, such as the “City Full of Hall Monitors” assessment that we coined a while ago. This brings us to our initial impressions of HBO’s Bay Area-based new show, Silicon Valley. Ben and I discuss/argue Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and we pitch Dikembe Mutombo as David Letterman’s replacement. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that.

This week’s Frot crew: FilmDrunk Editor Vince Mancini, Ben, Brendan, and San Francisco comedian Matt Lieb. Frot on! Wish Ben luck, this will be has last in-frotquarters ‘cast for at least four months.

Frotcast 197: Justin Halpern Of ‘Surviving Jack’

This week, the Frotcast welcomes Shit My Dad Says author Justin Halpern, creator of Surviving Jack, which has its second episode this Thursday at 9:30 on Fox. Comedian Matt Lieb also joins. Lieb, Ben, and Justin discuss Jewish stereotypes, including Pat Robertson’s comment that Jews “don’t work on their cars or mow their lawns because they’re too busy polishing their diamonds.” Justin tells us absurd stories about dealing with network TV’s standards and practices, including instances in which you can and can’t say “blumpkin.” We discuss Noah for a bit (potential spoilers from one hour to one hour seven minutes), as well as Wolf of Wall Street, which Ben just saw. We finish things off with a discussion of whether satire is possible in an internet this stupid, and the saga of Marine Todd, plus your voicemails and emails. Frot on!