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Grinding Tape: College Frotball w Spencer Hall – ‘Necessary Roughness’ (1991)

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The first installment of our new miniseries on college football movies takes on Necessary Roughness (1991)! Vince and Brendan are joined by Spencer Hall, from Channel 6/the Shutdown Fullcast. This series was of course the brainchild of Brendan, our resident ex-college football player and former NFL superstar (*practice squad and NFL Europe). We all thought a miniseries on college football movies was a great idea, but it also could just be that Brendan is really big and might have CTE so we didn’t want to make him angry.

For our first episode, we’re discussing 1991’s Necessary Roughness, starring Hector Elizondo and Robert Loggia as the coaches of the Texas State Fighting Armadillos, and their 34-year-old freshman quarterback, Paul Blake, played by Scott Bakula. Does it still hold up? Is it basically the same movie as Major League? All your questions answered, and more.



Frotcast 196: Writer/Former Pro Basketball Player Paul Shirley

“Can I Keep My Jersey?: 11 Teams, 5 Countries, and 4 Years in My Life as a Basketball Vagabond” author Paul Shirley joins us on the Frotcast this week. SF Comedian Matt Lieb also replaces Bret, in preparation for our FilmDrunk Frotcast Comedy Meet-Up tonight (Thursday March 27th) at Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco. We talk Noah, 12 Years a Slave, Bad Words, and Paul and Brendan compare their journeyman stories from pro basketball in Greece, Spain, and Russia; and pro football in Germany, respectively. What do coaches say when they have to cut you? Is Mark Madsen still a virgin? Brendan and Paul know. Plus, Ben partied with with Party President SkyBlue of LMFAO in Hawaii, and the tall guys (Brendan, Paul, and Matt) have a good cry about how hard it is being of God-like stature. Enjoy.

Frotcast 189: Matt Ufford

This week on the Frotcast, we welcome SB Nation’s Matt Ufford. We talk Super Bowl watching and snacks with the Seahawks fan and NFL vlogger, and what it was like being a fan of a championship-winning team for once. Other topics include the total clusterF of the Sochi Olympics, and Sochi Fail Porn, and we update the standings in our fantasy Oscar draft. Enjoy!

Frotcast 181: Matt Ufford and The Pomegrandler

This week on the Frotcast, the world’s best sort-of movie podcast, we’ve got SBNation’s Matt Ufford joining us via Skype. We start things off old school, with the latest poop transplant news, including the poop pill pioneering being done in Canada. We transition into a discussion of Kevin Connolly’s (E from Entourage) 30 for 30 episode. We get into our favorite TV shows of the week. Before long I introduce the rest of the Frot gang to our new obsession, the vegan hippie rap bros Chef Seth and Pa-Chow. They even inspire a new character, “The Pomegrandler,” the hippie vegan Whole Foods answer to The Hamburglar. We talk a little about Paul Walker and the anus of SEO, before finishing things off with The Listener Word Bucket, including your relationship questions about whether your lady should accept your porn watching and the etiquette of herpes dating. Enjoy. Tell your friends and all that sh*t.

Live, love, Frot.

Frotcast 178: Alison Stevenson, Hobbit Food, BDSM Seminars

This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we bring on Alison Stevenson, she of Vice and FilmDrunk’s award-winning “Rum and Rom-Coms” feature fame. We talk about Vince and Matt Lieb’s Hobbit meal at Denny’s, the “financial domination” seminar Alison attended, and all of the movies Ben has been watching during chemo, including Skyfall and Man of Steel.

We share dating stories, including Alison’s OKCupid date on mushrooms. We answer your questions, including Brendan’s stories about how the NFL deals with concussions, and a reader who has implemented “Hater Court” at a daycare. Plus another about a homeless lady putting speed stick on her vagina. Good times, good times.