Monthly Archives: April 2022

Bonus Frot: ‘Dual’ Director Riley Stearns

This week I (Vince) got to talk to Riley Stearns, the director of Dual, so I’m sharing the audio version with you guys here. Riley previously directed The Art of Self-Defense, which I didn’t like nearly as much as I liked his new one, Dual, starring Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, which is a sort of light sci-fi set in a world where you can clone people, and sometimes you have to fight your own clone for the right to your identity. Riley shot this one in Finland because of COVID, so all the extras are Finnish, which actually gives it a weird effect that adds to the film. We also talk about jiu-jitsu (which we both practice) and an incident during Sundance when Riley objected to a film critic who had previously made fun of him over his divorce (to Mary Elizabeth Winstead) reviewing his new movie. There was kind of a thing about it, but unless you’re extremely online and follow “film twitter” closely you probably didn’t hear about it (and are probably better off). Anyway, check it out, and see if Dual is playing near you go see it.

Bonus Frotcast: Daniels, Directors Of ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

Recently Vince (that’s me) interviewed Daniels, aka Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the directors of the new (great) movie Everything Everywhere All At Once for Uproxx. It’s a great movie and a good talk, maybe you already read the text version on Uproxx. Or maybe you didn’t! Who knows! Either way, now you can listen to it with your ears, the way it was originally intended. Okay maybe not intended, but certainly recorded. We used our voices for that, man. Anyway, we got to talkin’ all about how this was like their version of The Matrix and shit and they turned down an offer to direct Loki for it and the rest is history. Super tight. The Dalai Lama joke was from a famous Australian morning TV blooper. I think it went over about as well when I told it.