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Grinding Tape: College Frotball w Spencer Hall – ‘Necessary Roughness’ (1991)

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The first installment of our new miniseries on college football movies takes on Necessary Roughness (1991)! Vince and Brendan are joined by Spencer Hall, from Channel 6/the Shutdown Fullcast. This series was of course the brainchild of Brendan, our resident ex-college football player and former NFL superstar (*practice squad and NFL Europe). We all thought a miniseries on college football movies was a great idea, but it also could just be that Brendan is really big and might have CTE so we didn’t want to make him angry.

For our first episode, we’re discussing 1991’s Necessary Roughness, starring Hector Elizondo and Robert Loggia as the coaches of the Texas State Fighting Armadillos, and their 34-year-old freshman quarterback, Paul Blake, played by Scott Bakula. Does it still hold up? Is it basically the same movie as Major League? All your questions answered, and more.