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218: The Sopranos Ending, Joe Sinclitico Pitches Movies

Comedian Joe Sinclitico and old favorite Ben Kaplan join Bret and Vince this week. We open discussing reporters pestering Sopranos creator David Simon about the Sopranos finale and DOES TONY DIE! We wonder, what is the impulse that makes people ask questions about an ending that they’ve already seen? Is it the same impulse that makes them try to explain what’s in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction? As always, Bret has a lot of thoughts, some involving Thanatos. That seemed a little heavy for the first five minutes of a comedy podcast, so around 10 MINUTES IN, I introduce Bret to the song Creed’s Scott Stapp wrote for the Florida Marlins, “Marlins Will Soar.” I nearly broke Bret with that one. Naturally we try to mash that with the Smash Mouth isolated vocal track. We talk about the Henry Rollins/Robin Williams suicide editorial, then get into David Lynch’s ice bucket challenge, and the ALS ice bucket challenge in general. About 30 MINUTES IN, I attempt to explain The Identical to Bret, with limited success. We add Joe Sinclitico at 33 minutes, who has a lot of questions about yarmulkas and a bone to pick about us comparing the Chinese automatic sperm extractor to his idea for an ejac box. Ben comes on to talk about the one-year anniversary of losing his left testicle to cancer, and at ONE HOUR TWENTY, Joe King pitches some movies. 

217: Hey, What’s Up With Millennials? Creed, Locke, & Ben Returns

This week, Ben returns from his Eat, Pray, Love trip in Asia for a Frotcast about Tom Hardy’s Locke. Well, it was *supposed* to be about Locke, anyway. We start out doing some Creed impressions, which, to be fair, are almost impossible to stop doing. From there we move into a story about my electric car, then we end up talking about Ferguson and cops and stuff for a while, until Bret gets even more nihilistic. We quickly need to find something to make fun of, which brings us to a New York Times trend piece about Hey, Isn’t It Crazy How Millennials Are In the News These Days? Eventually we bring on Ben, who explains what he’s been doing in Asia for four months and what he’s planning to do now. Then we talk about Locke, and some more Creed impressions ensue as Bret wonders if the internet was a mistake. Enjoy. 

216: Robin Williams, Guardians of the Galaxy, And Putin With Heather

I really hope you are already feeling sad and hopeless!
Otherwise, we’re probably gonna make you feel sad and hopeless with this
new episode of the Frotcast. Not that we don’t try our best to inject
some humor into this cauldron of chaos that has been bubbling up all
around us and scalding our souls (i.e. Robin Williams suicide, cops
murdering Michael Brown, the new TMNT movie, etc.), but it’s honestly
really hard to make any of those subjects funny. But we try, oh my GOD
do we try.

This week, we have me, Vince Mancini, Brendan,
Bret, and Filmdrunk writer Heather Dockray aka Heather The Glib Lesbian live in the Frotquarters. We
start out talking about the shocking suicide of Robin Williams which
somehow segues into something less heavy. We then go on to talk about
The Guardians of the Galaxy and Bret explains how he thinks he doesn’t
like movies anymore. Heather gets into her review of Michael Bay’s
shitty TMNT reboot and how she was mistaken for a 14-year-old by other
14-year-olds. Then we get into the story of real-life Bond villain Vlad
Putin’s denial of stealing Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. I just really
hope that Putin doesn’t this to this particular Frotcast, because the
last thing this podcast needs is to be banned in Russia. We need all the
listeners we can get!

of which, please tell everyone that you know about the magic of the
FilmDrunk Frotcast. I realize that it’s hard to explain to first-time
listeners why we are the way that we are, but just keep reassuring them
that it’s worth it. It is worth it, right? RIGHT?!?! WHY DO WE KEEP


215: The Raid, Pumping Iron, and the State of Film Criticism

This week on the Frotcast, we’ve got Brendan and Matt Lieb in the Frotquarters, with “Film Critic” author Laremy Legel joining us via Skype. 
We open the show talking about how we’re going to talk about The Raid, and the difference between Silat and Muay Thai. Matt Lieb talks about his bar fighting experiences (mostly theoretical) and that somehow leads us into a discussion of Pumping Iron, and Brendan’s dead-on Lou Ferrigno impression. Lou Ferrigno’s gullibility leads us into a discussion of sales tactics and pick-up tactics aimed at the dumbest people around that just end up working because so many people are so dumb. That somehow leads us to the couple who took professional photos with their stillborn baby, which naturally leads to some thoroughly dark dead baby humor. We talk some about The Raid remake, Taylor Kitcsh, Oliver Stone, and Kid Rock’s strangely well-written letter in the Juggalo sexual harassment lawsuit case. Eventually we get to the famous troll article “Idiocracy is a Cruel Movie And You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It,” which makes everyone groan lots. 
After that, we bring on Laremy, and we talk about The Raid, and Kenneth Turan’s LA Times piece, “Kenneith Turan takes a critic’s lonely stand on ‘Boyhood.'” That of course leads us to discuss some of the courageous stands that *we* have taken in film criticism. I don’t want to use the word “hero,” but…