217: Hey, What’s Up With Millennials? Creed, Locke, & Ben Returns

This week, Ben returns from his Eat, Pray, Love trip in Asia for a Frotcast about Tom Hardy’s Locke. Well, it was *supposed* to be about Locke, anyway. We start out doing some Creed impressions, which, to be fair, are almost impossible to stop doing. From there we move into a story about my electric car, then we end up talking about Ferguson and cops and stuff for a while, until Bret gets even more nihilistic. We quickly need to find something to make fun of, which brings us to a New York Times trend piece about Hey, Isn’t It Crazy How Millennials Are In the News These Days? Eventually we bring on Ben, who explains what he’s been doing in Asia for four months and what he’s planning to do now. Then we talk about Locke, and some more Creed impressions ensue as Bret wonders if the internet was a mistake. Enjoy.