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Frotcast 321: Fifty Shades Darker, and Chemo Couch Time With Ben

This week on the Frotcast, we talk Sundance, Kellyanne Conway’s lost stand-up set, Fifty Shades Darker, this season’s top five TV shows, and of course, the Royalty Freestyle. Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini are in the Frotquarters, joined by comedian Jane Harrison in her last Frotcast before she moves to Chicago for her big new job at The Onion. Also, it’s the return of Ben! Ben’s been out having some cancerous organs removed, but on the upside, he’s been watching lots of TV while recovering — hence, Chemo Couch Time, with Ben, in which he names this season’s best television shows, from Westworld to Taboo. Enjoy, and Frot on! Donate at

223: Zero Theorem and Tusk with Andrew Roberts

It’s the skeleton crew in the frotquarters this week, just Bret and Vince, as we welcome San Francisco comedian and all-around Australian guy Andrew Roberts. During the intro Andrew thanks me for introducing him as a comedian, saying “Well I’d rather be introduced as that than a wanker.” Andrew tells us all about the process of emigrating for love, and getting married for love and a green card, and then subsequently getting divorced for lack of love and an inability to have threesomes with black men (I dunno, man). We all saw Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem this week, which we discuss, along with Kevin Smith’s Tusk, which Andrew saw and loved. He also wants to know if America’s racial problems are real or just something we do for attention. Somewhere in there I torture them with Jaden Smith’s new single and we answer your email questions about circumcision and different types of rugby. Email us at, leave us a voicemail at 415 274 0030. Otherwise frot on and f*ck off.

222: The Frotcast Crew Reunites For Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The full Frotcast crew, Vince, Ben, Bret, Brendan, and Matt, are all together in the Frotquarters for the first time in years to discuss Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure before a House of Prime Rib dinner. The Frotcast’s Excellent Meat Reward, call it. We open talking about Bill Simmons’ suspension from ESPN and the confusing nature of the NFL and ESPN’s supposed independence. MANDY IS A FOOL.This leads us to a discussion of Kevin Smith’s new movie Tusk, which was of course based on a podcast, leading us to wonder what a Frotcast-inspired movie would consist of. Our money is on Gary From Fremont: The Movie. RIDE WITH ME.After that I read Matt Lieb’s funniest post to date, leading to much hilarity. MANDY IS A FOOL.
Then we talk about the anti-vaxxer crowd, and Bret having to stand in line at the pediatrician behind someone getting a Personal Beliefs Exemption for his son, Jaden. This leads us to a reader-sent roll of a kindergarten in Eastern Kentucky (I will post this list on FilmDrunk). FOR MY PLEAZURE.
We get into Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the great mall culture explosion of the 1980s, and we finish off with your emails and relationship questions. 

221: Rating Alison Stevenson’s Dick Pics

This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we invite comedian, VICE and FilmDrunk contributor, and online dater Alison Stevenson into the Frotquarters to read from her creepiest Tinder and OKCupid messages, and we rate the quality of dick pics she has received. We also talk about porn and the first time we all masturbated, then we Skype in Ben and talk about the various NFL debacles involving Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and Adrian Peterson, and discuss Ken Burns and his new documentary about The Roosevelts. Enjoy! 

215: The Raid, Pumping Iron, and the State of Film Criticism

This week on the Frotcast, we’ve got Brendan and Matt Lieb in the Frotquarters, with “Film Critic” author Laremy Legel joining us via Skype. 
We open the show talking about how we’re going to talk about The Raid, and the difference between Silat and Muay Thai. Matt Lieb talks about his bar fighting experiences (mostly theoretical) and that somehow leads us into a discussion of Pumping Iron, and Brendan’s dead-on Lou Ferrigno impression. Lou Ferrigno’s gullibility leads us into a discussion of sales tactics and pick-up tactics aimed at the dumbest people around that just end up working because so many people are so dumb. That somehow leads us to the couple who took professional photos with their stillborn baby, which naturally leads to some thoroughly dark dead baby humor. We talk some about The Raid remake, Taylor Kitcsh, Oliver Stone, and Kid Rock’s strangely well-written letter in the Juggalo sexual harassment lawsuit case. Eventually we get to the famous troll article “Idiocracy is a Cruel Movie And You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It,” which makes everyone groan lots. 
After that, we bring on Laremy, and we talk about The Raid, and Kenneth Turan’s LA Times piece, “Kenneith Turan takes a critic’s lonely stand on ‘Boyhood.'” That of course leads us to discuss some of the courageous stands that *we* have taken in film criticism. I don’t want to use the word “hero,” but… 

Frotcast 191: Laremy, Robocop, True Detective

This week on the Frotcast, we are joined by author/ podcaster/ writer/ Madden Football junkie Laremy Legel of Before blooping him in, we talk about House of Cards and binge watching TV, Brendan’s hatred of Homeland, read some listener Frotcast fan fiction and episode 5 of True Detective. Then we bring Laremy on, first so he can defend and explain his Madden obsession.  Then we talk about the Robocop remake, which Bret hated and Ben liked (shocking). We unfortunately lost Bret toward the end (apologies for the technical difficulties) and finish up talking about Laremy’s trip to Nawlins.

Thanks for listening.

Frot on and Frotstrong!

Frotcast 190: Vince from Berlin, True Detective, 12 O’Clock Boys

This week on the Frotcast, Vince is live from Berlin so we bloop him in at the beginning of the show. We all put on our best German accents and hear what has been happening at the film festival. Once Vince falls asleep, Bret and Brendan tell us what music they have been listening to before we get into the awesomeness that was Episode 4 of True Detective. Including the trackingest tracking shot of all time. This week we all saw the documentary 12 O’Clock Boys- a documentary about a street motorcycle group in Baltimore. Everyone liked it a lot for a variety of reasons. If nothing else, watch it for the slow motion wheelie scenes. We finish up with some talk about the Olympics and Sochi. Thanks for listening. Frot on and FROTSTRONG. 

Frotcast 187: Ben returns, Matt Lieb, the AVN Awards

This week, Ben returns to the Frotcast for the first time since surgery, Matt Lieb is in Frotquarters, and Vince went to the AVNs. Vince plays interviews a dude who made some sex swings as well as porn industry dude Lee Roy Meyers. He also has clips from a roundtable of new porn starlets. We discuss Vegas and how Vegas-y it is, talk about the porn industry. Then we talk a bit about high horsed sports writers, and finish up on Ya Ya from Sandlot fighting a dude and some TV talk. 
Thanks to everyone for your kind words, concern and for staying #FROTSTRONG. I am now completely cancer free. No more chemo or surgeries for this dude. Celebrate accordingly. – Ben

Frotcast 176: Matt Lieb, Guy Fieri in court

This week, we welcome back Frotcast favorite and quicksand porn enthusiast Matt Lieb. Vince went to the attempted murder trial of Max Wade, where our favorite celebrity chef Guy Fieri testified. Vince talks about his courtroom experience, and then him and Bret debate what constitutes attempted murder. Vince then talks about Bad Grandpa, Ben saw Blackfish, Seduced and Abandoned, and Cloud Atlas. We finish up with listener emails, and go over our worst breakups. Frot on and Frotstrong.

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Frotcast 175: Laremy

This week, we have the entire Frotcrew plus Frotcast favorite Laremy Legel joins us for most of the ‘cast. Vince saw I’m in Love with a Church Girl (Starring Ja Rule, Executive Produced by God), Bret is angry that The Counselor has a major spoiler in the trailer, we update the Name of the Year contest, and get some great listener emails. Frot on and Frotstrong. 

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