[UNLOCKED] Frotcast 470: Matt Gets Engaged, With Laremy

Matt Lieb is an open book, isn’t he, folks? And that’s why we love him, he can’t help but just share his entire self with you, the Patreon piggies. This week, there’s big news in Matt’s life: he’s engaged to be married! To Francesca, who he loves. Matt dishes all the engagement details to Vince and Laremy, from how he proposed to the price of his ring to his plan to get a different, better ring. But it’s not just wedding bells this week, institution bells are also ringing. Sorry, I don’t think they actually have bells, but Matt’s dad has been institutionalized. Damn, this got dark. To dig us out of that hole we talk about newly divorced dad, Bill Gates, and whether Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos will become the superior divorced dad billionaire super villain. Beyond Bill and Bezos there’s also Ben, Affleck that is, who got “caught” (if you can call it that) doing regular ass divorced dad stuff like tryna holla at girls on dating apps. Not the trash dating apps piggies like you use, the special ones for celebrities, that you can only be on if you’re a big star like Ben Affleck or some random Tik Toker who will share videos of Ben Affleck tryna holla. Boy, this was a journey. Also, Laremy is here! Everyone loves Laremy.