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Jon Ronson and ‘The Butterfly Effect’ of Free Porn

This week on the Frotcast, the Frot-crew is all traveling, but I do have this phone interview I did with author/journalist/screenwriter Jon Ronson. Ronson is the author of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, a book about internet shaming, Men Who Stare At Goats, and the co-writer of the movie Okja, and more recently he produced a multi-part podcast called The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect traces the rise of free porn and its effect on porn and wider society. The way tech has affected porn seems like a useful (and possibly scary) analogy for the “disruption” of other industries. Enjoy and Frot on!

Bad Comedy Men, With Drew Magary – 351

Columnist Drew Magary wrote in GQ this week, “Why are all the comedy men so awful?” And was immediately deluged with indignant comedy men, averring that they were not defensive. “I am not mad, I am actually laughing.” Questions remain. Is comedy especially bad or just a symptom of society? Did comedians screw up or did we screw up pretending they were sage truth tellers? Is a laugh an endorsement of a higher truth, or the teller’s personal life? And hey, what’s the deal with airline food? Comedians Matt Lieb and Joe Sinclitico also join, to talk Louis CK, the season finale of Nathan for You, the latest creepo allegations — against Sylvester Stallone — and answer your emails. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast, email us at frotcast at g mail dot com. Frot on! 

4:36 – Drew’s article and the blowback

8:35 – Matt Lieb joins

39:27 – Talking the Nathan For Your Season Finale

46:00 – Email questions

1:08:00 – Joe runs down the Sylvester Stallone allegations

350: Celebrity Neighbor Feuds, with Matt Ufford

This week on the Frotcast, SB Nation’s Matt Ufford joins us to recap the week in movies, discuss Rand Paul’s BRUTAL NEIGHBOR FEUD (as well as recap some past celebrity neighbor feuds), get Orange County PTSD with the Dirty John podcast (“a Californians sketch on Klonopin), and finish things off with some Royalty Freestyle. Matt Lieb and Brendan join Vince in the studio. Donate at Patreon dot slash frotcast.

349: Shills Inherit the Earth

From The Fat Jew on the TRL reboot to Thor: Ragnarok (my 110% spoiler-free review), this week on the Frotcast, we ponder a future (or a present, really) where repping for the big #brands is the only way to eat. Matt Lieb and Joey Avery join Vince Mancini this week, where, naturally, there’s also lots of news to discuss on the Hollywood Sexual Harassment front. Kevin Spacey, Andy Dick, Jeremy Piven… who’s the next Hollywood personality to screw up? Should we start a pool? All that, plus a Sebastian Gorka update, on this week’s Frotcast. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.

2:00 – Reeling from the TRL reboot

13:00 – An extremely non-spoilery review of Thor: Ragnarok

22:00 – The Hollywood sexual harassment update, first up, Kevin Spacey

36:19 – Sebastian Gorka can’t park

45:00 – Matt feels bad for Osama Bin Laden

52:07 – Hollywood harassment part 2: Andy Dick edition

1:15:30 – Hollywood harassment update part 3: Jeremy Piven edition