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Best Of 2016

Did you miss a Frotcast in 2016? We’ve got all the best bits from the past year, compiled into a single, massive podcast. It’s much funnier with all the unfunny parts edited out. Edited by “Token,” guests include Justin Halpern, Jane Harrison, Joey Avery, Jeff Bayer, Allison Mick, Kaseem Bentley, Joe Sinclitico, Francesca Fiorentini, and Laremy Legel. Named one of Podbean’s top 10 comedy podcasts of 2016 and described by Splitsider as “regularly the grossest, least politically correct bunch of dudes on the internet that you’d still feel totally comfortable hanging out with,” you can get a full description of this episode at uproxx dot com slash filmdrunk slash frotcast-best-of-2016. Donate at Patreon dot com slash frotcast, or to Token at paypal dot me slash tokenaudio.

319: Rogue One, with Joanna Robinson

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars! The Frotcast gets professional this week, with real guest Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair coming on to talk a real movie that we all actually saw, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But the Frotcast being the Frotcast, we pre-empted that with 20 minutes of talk about Vince’s recent butthole surgery and followed it with Matt Lieb improvising lyrics to royalty-free songs in the latest installment of The Royalty Freestyle. Could this be the last Frotcast of 2016?! Maybe! Get it while it lasts! This week’s Frotcrew includes your host Vince Mancini, comedian Matt Lieb from AJ+/The Star Wars Show, and comedian Joey Avery. Star Wars spoiler talk from about 29 min to 1:20.

318: Comedy Between Enemies

Between Trevor Noah’s interview with Tomi Lahren and Adult Swim cancelling Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (because of its alleged association with the alt-right), we wondered, can comedy exist between political enemies? Moreover, if you find someone’s views objectionable, is it better to engage them or ostracize them? Do you win hearts and minds or deny a platform? We cover Adult Swim, Brett Gelman, Sam Hyde, and Buzzfeed; and Van Jones on engaging Trump Voters. After that we get silly again, with another installment of the Royalty Freestyle and a brief discussion of the Westworld finale. Guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Joey Avery.

00:00 – 5:00 – Trying to explain to Matt the ol’ make-people-think-two-guys-are-sitting-right-next-to-each-other-on-a-bench-seat joke.
6:10 – Talking Adult Swim cancelling Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace supposedly because of its association with the Alt-Right
11:00 – Van Jones explaining why we should talk to Trump supporters: is it applicable to this Adult Swim thing?
29:10 – Sam Hyde’s Buzzfeed interview
44:21 – Our parents’ generation being totally ill-equipped to deal with clickbait
52:00 – The Royalty Freestyle, which begins with song about Levi’s jeans
1:00:00 – Westworld Finale talk

317 – ‘Monsters’ With Joe Sinclitico and Ashley Burns

This week on the Frotcast, we’re watching Monsters, Star Wars Rogue One director Gareth Edwards’ first feature (timely!), which is also on Netflix (accessible!). Joining Vince and Brendan in the Frotquarters, we have comedian Joe Sinclitico (Adam Devine’s House Party) and Uproxx’s own Ashley Burns via Skype (from LA and Orlando, respectively). Joe tells us about how glamourous his life has gotten after his Comedy Central debut, and interviews the dishwasher during his catering gig (which he is also podcasting during). As a bonus, Burnsy is coming to us direct from Orlando, which means any time there’s dead air you can hear actual crickets. Talk about color! We discuss The Intern, Mark Wahlberg, Deepwater Horizon, and more. Enjoy and Frot responsibly.

3:40 – Joe tries to scare Angel the dishwasher
6:08 – News update: Mark Wahlberg explains why other Hollywood celebs live in a bubble, but not the guy from the Funky Bunch
10:00 – Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg’s American hero/movies about tragedy tour
15:00 – Joe attempts to explain the plot of The Intern
20:00 – Burnsy describes the “zero G flight” he’s about to go on.
25:00 – Brendan on having to talk Kaepernick at Thanksgiving, and why 72-year-olds shouldn’t know the acronym “SJW”
26:00 – Joe quizzes Angel the dishwasher on pop culture
31:57 – We talk Monsters