318: Comedy Between Enemies

Between Trevor Noah’s interview with Tomi Lahren and Adult Swim cancelling Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (because of its alleged association with the alt-right), we wondered, can comedy exist between political enemies? Moreover, if you find someone’s views objectionable, is it better to engage them or ostracize them? Do you win hearts and minds or deny a platform? We cover Adult Swim, Brett Gelman, Sam Hyde, and Buzzfeed; and Van Jones on engaging Trump Voters. After that we get silly again, with another installment of the Royalty Freestyle and a brief discussion of the Westworld finale. Guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Joey Avery.

00:00 – 5:00 – Trying to explain to Matt the ol’ make-people-think-two-guys-are-sitting-right-next-to-each-other-on-a-bench-seat joke.
6:10 – Talking Adult Swim cancelling Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace supposedly because of its association with the Alt-Right
11:00 – Van Jones explaining why we should talk to Trump supporters: is it applicable to this Adult Swim thing?
29:10 – Sam Hyde’s Buzzfeed interview
44:21 – Our parents’ generation being totally ill-equipped to deal with clickbait
52:00 – The Royalty Freestyle, which begins with song about Levi’s jeans
1:00:00 – Westworld Finale talk