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214: Blue Ruin With Macon Blair

Comedians Matt Lieb and OJ Patterson join this week with Brendan returning as we welcome Macon Blair to talk about his starring role in Blue Ruin. We open the show welcoming Brendan back to the Frotquarters for the first time as a married-ass dude. He tells about finally getting to score and we talk about which jams got the people on the dance floor at his wedding, and whether he kept his “Return of the Mack” streak alive, leading to an impromptu sing-along sesh, as often happens on the Frotcast. After that we talk about Stephen A. Smith’s criteria for when it’s okay to hit a woman, and Whoopi Goldberg’s subsequent elaboration on it.
About 30 minutes in, we bring on Macon Blair, who tells us about his critically-acclaimed star turn in Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin. He tells how he created such a realistic puking effect (spoiler alert, by actually puking) and how he handled the pressure of acting in a film he new his friend had bet his entire life savings on. After that, we talk about Blue Ruin and read your emails. Frot on! Tell your friends! Write us reviews!, 415 275 0030

213: Under The Skin, Chinese Sperm Extractor Fiction

Comedian Matt Lieb and regular Bret join Vince Mancini of FilmDrunk in the Frotquarters this week, to discuss the Scarlett Johansson-naked classic Under The Skin and read futuristic fiction about Chinese automatic sperm extractors. With Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’ opening this week, starring Scarlett Johansson, we decided to catch up on ScarJo’s last star turn, Under the Skin, from Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer. Bret liked it more than the rest of us, but for the most part, we thought the handful of cool images wasn’t enough to make up for a… movie… where… people… do… things… real… slow. We spend the first 20 minutes discussing Under The Skin, then movie into Brett Ratner talk, with Matt revealing that Red Dragon is one of his favorite movies, so much so that he can quote it at length. At 32 minutes, I begin to read a story I wrote for Ivan Hernandez’s show, Gimme Fiction, which I believe will soon air on the Boing Boing network with mine and all the other comedians’ stories from the same night, the theme for which was “Futurism.” My story is called “Love In The Time Of Extraction,” or “Last Extraction Hero.” After that, we talk about Israel for some reason, then discuss Facebook, weddings, and read your email questions on the subject of, naturally, anal sex. Enjoy. 

212: Snowpiercer, Comcast, Richard Linklater, and Movies That Made Us Cry

This week we welcome Massachusetts’s own Steve Post, comic and San Francisco resident, to discuss Snowpiercer, our nightmarish calls and experiences with Comcast and the state of customer service in general, as well as Richard Linklater and movies that made us cry. We also talk about going into Trader Joe’s still wearing your bike helmet, Gilbert Gottfried’s incredible Bob Saget roast (flashback!), and our bad student films and why they always involve suicide. Enjoy! 
Snowpiercer starts at 51 minutes and ends at 1:07 if you’re trying to religiously avoid spoilers. 

211: They Came Together, with Justin Halpern

This week we’ve got Matt Lieb and Bret coming at you live (I think. Not sure what “live” actually means) from the Frotquarters in San Francisco. We talk about Bret’s ghost and how Matt lives in a paradox of being an atheist who’s scared of ghosts.

Later, we’re joined by Justin Halpern (Shit My Dad Says, Surviving Jack, future awesome things) and we discuss David Wain’s romantic comedy spoof “We Came Together” starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. I’d like to preemptively apologize for Halpern’s shitty internet connect, as we do end up disconnecting with him about five thousand times throughout the podcast. We go on to talk about the ludicrous amount of money that some of our podcasting peers have been making and we then spend the remainder of the podcast just begging (into our brand new dildo-microphones) for our listeners to spread the good word of the Frotcast to all of their friends and family so that Matt Lieb can finally quit his job as a handyman and just watch quicksand porn full time.


210: The Leftovers, Weekend At Bernie’s, Matt Ufford makes a nice Summer salad

Bret, comedian Matt Lieb, and SB Nation’s Matt Ufford join this week’s podcast, on the subject of Weekend At Bernie’s (turning 25) and HBO’s The Leftovers. 
We open talking about Gary the Goat and Jimbo the Australian, and rural Australiana in general. This leads us to Nathan For You, and whether it’s real or not, and whether that matters. We wonder what’s going on in the background at Ufford’s, and it turns out he’s been making a nice summer salad this whole time. We talk a bit about the World Cup and secretary of defense Tim Howard with soccer superfan Matt, and around the 50-minute mark, we get to ‘Weekend At Bernie’s,’ which Matt Lieb defends and I get angry about because I have no soul and I hate your childhood, as always. Around an hour ten we get to ‘The Leftovers.’ We wrap things up with a listener’s incredible email story, which may or may not be real, but then again does it really matter? Full circle.