210: The Leftovers, Weekend At Bernie’s, Matt Ufford makes a nice Summer salad

Bret, comedian Matt Lieb, and SB Nation’s Matt Ufford join this week’s podcast, on the subject of Weekend At Bernie’s (turning 25) and HBO’s The Leftovers. 
We open talking about Gary the Goat and Jimbo the Australian, and rural Australiana in general. This leads us to Nathan For You, and whether it’s real or not, and whether that matters. We wonder what’s going on in the background at Ufford’s, and it turns out he’s been making a nice summer salad this whole time. We talk a bit about the World Cup and secretary of defense Tim Howard with soccer superfan Matt, and around the 50-minute mark, we get to ‘Weekend At Bernie’s,’ which Matt Lieb defends and I get angry about because I have no soul and I hate your childhood, as always. Around an hour ten we get to ‘The Leftovers.’ We wrap things up with a listener’s incredible email story, which may or may not be real, but then again does it really matter? Full circle.