Monthly Archives: June 2014

Frotcast 209: Pain And Gain, The Handjob Robot

It’s just Vince, Matt Lieb, and Bret in the Frotquarters for a Transformers-week podcast on Michael Bay’s LAST movie, Pain And Gain. We weren’t about to sit through three hours of Transformers, so we just watched P & G on Netflix. We also discuss Gary Oldman’s quasi-anti-semitic Playboy interview and ensuing kerfuffle with the Anti-Defamation League and Abe Foxman. We also talk about Spike Lee’s new comments about “America’s addiction to violence,” as well as whether he’s just out of touch these days, or if he’s actually addicted to pain pills or something. We also have a ton of fun with the new Automatic Chinese Sperm Extractor. Probably the most fun we’ve ever had with a topic. Enjoy. 

Frotcast 208: Online Dating With Alison, Obvious Child, Laremy Reads Mean Eastwood Comments

Comedian Alison Stevenson and our old pal Bret join us in the Frotquarters this week for the most fun Frotcast we’ve had in a while. We cover a lot of topics because we’re drinking, from the best of Alison’s online dating pick-up lines, to Laremy reading the meanest comments on his Clint Eastwood article. We open with Alison reading us her creepiest messages, then transition into a local news story about an angry motorcycler and the inherent smarm of local news. We answer a reader question about girls and whether they can poop without peeing. Alison talks ‘Obvious Child,’ and then we bring on Laremy to read his most hateful comments. He also saw Jersey Boys, so we get Laremy’s review of Jersey Boys as well as a discussion of the last decade of Eastwood films. We talk about internet commenting in general, get briefly into Zach Braff’s movie, talk about why older film critics go crazy, and EVERONE. GETS. LAID. Enjoy. 

Frotcast 207: Rob Riggle, PCU, And Dumb and Dumber To

Comedian David Gborie joins Brendan & Vince in Frotquarters to discuss PCU, the Dumb and Dumber To trailer, and the drone kid and his indiegogo lawsuit whiner campaign. I also, you can hear my phone interview with Rob Riggle! 
We open talking about Dumb and Dumber To on suggestion from a listener voicemail. We talk about that, and weird nostalgia pimping in general. After that, there’s my Rob Riggle Interview. We come back around the 26 min mark talking about improv vs. stand up, and how us stand ups always hate improv people because they seem like such well-adjusted non losers who actually hang out with girls. Then we talk about “dealbreaker movies” (movie opinions you couldn’t tolerate in a significant other), then the 1994 non-classic ‘PCU’, and finish off talking about the drone kid who got in a fight with a lady on the beach. “STOP ASSAULTING ME ASSWIPE!” 
Frot on! 

Frotcast 206: PFT Commenter, Game Of Thrones

PFT Commenter reads from his e-book, we talk Game of Thrones with Ivan Hernandez from Boars, Gore, and Swords, we play the IMDB keywords game, and more on this week’s Frotcast.
World famous shtickmedian PFT Commenter is not ready to break character just yet, but he does read to us from his e-book, Goodell Vs. Obama. Meanwhile, comedian Ivan Hernandez, co-host of Boing Boing’s Bores, Gore, and Swords podcast, joins to talk about Game of Thrones, The Mountain, spoilers, and Marvel movies. We hear a couple local news stories, a few of your emails and voicemails, and finish things off with a brand new game where I give the IMDB keyword and you try to name the highest-rated movie. Fun! Fun! Fun! Tell your friends and write us a review! Frot on!