Frotcast 208: Online Dating With Alison, Obvious Child, Laremy Reads Mean Eastwood Comments

Comedian Alison Stevenson and our old pal Bret join us in the Frotquarters this week for the most fun Frotcast we’ve had in a while. We cover a lot of topics because we’re drinking, from the best of Alison’s online dating pick-up lines, to Laremy reading the meanest comments on his Clint Eastwood article. We open with Alison reading us her creepiest messages, then transition into a local news story about an angry motorcycler and the inherent smarm of local news. We answer a reader question about girls and whether they can poop without peeing. Alison talks ‘Obvious Child,’ and then we bring on Laremy to read his most hateful comments. He also saw Jersey Boys, so we get Laremy’s review of Jersey Boys as well as a discussion of the last decade of Eastwood films. We talk about internet commenting in general, get briefly into Zach Braff’s movie, talk about why older film critics go crazy, and EVERONE. GETS. LAID. Enjoy.