Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Debate, Matt Lieb’s Anti-Semitic Girlfriend (Frotcast 309)

Comedians Matt Lieb and Joey Avery are in the Frotquarters this week, to talk about the first presidential debate between Trump and Hillary, the saga of Matt Lieb’s possibly Anti-Semitic Bumble girlfriend, and this week’s homoerotic job postings (as well as a discussion of homoeroticism in general, which we’re all, not shockingly, in favor of). Oh, and how the South is apparently in the midst of a clown epidemic. Enjoy!

3:05 – The job listing of the week: for a “dude focused” #content editor, written so that it sounds like a Manswers segment. 
11:20 – In praise of homoeroticism
17:10 – Matt Lieb’s story of his “worst-ever dating experience.”
46:30 – Thoughts on the first presidential debate between Trump and Hillary
1:29:15 – Pepe the Frog Meme, and how it relates to previous discussions about trying to “poison pill” your #content
1:37:21 – The Clown Epidemic 

Snowden, Back From TIFF (Frotcast 308)

This week on the Frotcast, LA Matt aka Matt Lieb returns from his ban to join Vince, returning from TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival) to talk Adrien Grenier’s NY Mag profile, Snowden and Oliver Stone, Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation, and of course perform a few segments of the “Royalty Freestyle.”  Brendan joins about 30 minutes in. We’re sorry. 

The Nice Guys, The Night Of, And Elizabeth Holmes (Frotcast 307)

This week, we discuss Shane Black’s recently-released-on-DVD stooge noir, The Nice Guys, starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Is it an action movie? A comedy? Does believability matter? Is Ryan Gosling playing Wile E. Coyote? We ponder all those questions as well as our recent news obsessions, like the cinematic rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, Apple headphones, and The Night Of. Panel includes comedian Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine’s House Party, and Joey Avery, fresh off his one-episode arc on Fox’s Coupled. 

4:45 – Elizabeth Holmes and the incredible story of her $9 billion fake tech company
10:00 – Elizabeth Holmes’ insane voice
18:50 – Joe tries to show Joey his future in comedy
28:47 – In praise of Brooklyn, and arthouse movies that are more than what you’d imagine
36:00 – The Nice Guys
42:41 – A digression into The Night Of
50:30 – Are we bored of “big action sequences” because we’re getting old or because they’re less novel now? 
58:30 – News story of the week, the USA Freedom Girls getting stiffed by the Trump campaign
1:10:35 – Abbreviated emails and Crystal Corner, including The Ballad Of Big Dick Pierre 

Point Break Vs The Point Break Remake (Frotcast 306)

Is the original Point Break a classic? Is it a good-good movie, a good-bad movie, or a bad-bad movie? And what does that say for the remake? Critics didn’t like the original that much when it came out, but by the time the remake came they were calling it a masterpiece. What does that say for the remake? Will it eventually be respected? We ponder all these questions and more, with the help of guest Francesca Fiorentini from AJ+. Comedian Joey Avery is sitting in for Bret this week, with Brendan and Vince returning. We also talk the hottest Colin Kaepernick takes, Crystal Corner, and your emails.