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Filmdrunk 62

This week on the Frotcast, we start off with Burnsy’s corner, where he brings in his weekly highlights from Youtube. Later we bloop in Lindy for her take on Bronan the Brobarian. In between we do everything from fart songs to telling Vince how to improve his stand up routine. Drunk on!

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Filmdrunk 61

This week we have blogger Josh Zerkle as a live in-frotquarters guest. We talk a lot about fake sphincters on mice from the planet Sphinctor, discuss the silliest corporate speak email of all time, listen to Vince do some stand up, and Vince tells us his thoughts about Bronan the Brobarian. DRUNK ON!

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Filmdrunk 60

This week we discuss 30 Minutes or Less and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Then we bring on Vince’s friend Brook who wrote a book about the Garden of Eden and where people think the Garden was. To finish the Frotcast, we have Burnsy on for Burnsy’s Corner. DRUNK ON!

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