Monthly Archives: January 2015

236: American Sniper With Matt Ufford, Matt Lieb Eats Welfare Sushi

American Sniper was the big topic this week, so we all saw it, and invited on my former co-worker and roommate, SB Nation’s Matt Ufford, Marine veteran, and host of the new podcast The Inactives. Is the movie any good? Is Chris Kyle a hero? A murderer? Does the film paint fake babies in a false light? Is it a proper representation of military tactics? We answer all these and more, probably the longest we’ve ever talked about a single movie. Besides that, Bret talks about celebrating his birthday in a sensory deprivation tank, Matt Lieb eats the supermarket sushi he bought with food stamps, and we read your emails about a guy with two buttholes. Enjoy, and for the love of God, tell a friend. Download it multiple times yourself, spread the word. Frot-nation is sweeping the nation, and you can get in early.

235: Laremy, Matt Lieb’s New Haircut

We open this week discussing Matt Lieb’s new haircut, which makes him a dead ringer for Lena Dunham’s boyfriend, Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff. This naturally leads to ‘Girls’ infamous butt-eating (analingus) scene, which seems to have been written just for Matt. Who famously eats so much butt he has a bib with a picture of a butt on it. Just keeping things high brow like always.

After that, the Space Dockett includes: the politicization of Facebook, ‘Frank,’ and’s Laremy Legel joins us to talk about Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat,’ aka Thordfish (thanks to commenter Erswi for that one). And did I mention Ben is back in the studio??? Enjoy, and Frot on.

234: Obvious Child, Girls Vs. Entourage, The Josh Gad Movie Game

We’ve got three comedians in the Frotquarters this week to discuss a movie about a comedian, Obvious Child, along with Bret, who hates comedy, story, humans, and existence itself. Asked by his wife what he wants for Christmas, Bret answers “I don’t want to be,” and so she bought him a gift certificate to a sensory deprivation tank. Other topics include Collective Soul Bird, ‘Girls’ Vs. ‘Entourage,’ the Josh Gad Gad Movie Game, Kid Rock saying rap rock is gay, and lots of weird sex stuff. Guests: Matt Lieb, Vince Mancini, Jane Harrison, and Bret. We ate pizza. Won’t you be our friend?