236: American Sniper With Matt Ufford, Matt Lieb Eats Welfare Sushi

American Sniper was the big topic this week, so we all saw it, and invited on my former co-worker and roommate, SB Nation’s Matt Ufford, Marine veteran, and host of the new podcast The Inactives. Is the movie any good? Is Chris Kyle a hero? A murderer? Does the film paint fake babies in a false light? Is it a proper representation of military tactics? We answer all these and more, probably the longest we’ve ever talked about a single movie. Besides that, Bret talks about celebrating his birthday in a sensory deprivation tank, Matt Lieb eats the supermarket sushi he bought with food stamps, and we read your emails about a guy with two buttholes. Enjoy, and for the love of God, tell a friend. Download it multiple times yourself, spread the word. Frot-nation is sweeping the nation, and you can get in early.