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262: We Are Your Friends, Suge Knight, Dread Zeppelin, with Jason Dove

This week, we’re joined by video game champion/comedian/podcaster/documentarian Jason Dove, who tells us about his documentary about Dread Zeppelin, and his long journey into novelty music. The mash-up concept fits perfectly with the film I saw this week, We Are Your Friends. Other topics include the Suge Knight-Eazy E AIDS conspiracy, and the random “I’m Leaving You” essay generator. Enjoy!
00 – Bret’s new job. “Same old trash, brand new dumpster.”
5:30 – Fun with “Leaving Everywhere,” Darius Kazemi’s bot that automatically generates “Why I’m Leaving _____” essays for every city using the 2013 American Community Survey.
13:30 – I discuss the Most San Francisco Street incident that I witnessed the other day, where a wannabe hall monitor waiting for the bus tried to drought shame a guy using a hose to clean the sidewalk, at which point he became indignant and called her a “snitch ass twat.” All while I live tweeted it from my fire escape. 
26:15 – Matt Lieb turns Korn into Uptown Girl
27:30 – I play the trailer for We Are Your Friends for the gang and then we discuss We Are Your Friends.
41:00 – We talk about our new favorite conspiracy theory, that Suge Knight killed Eazy E by injecting him with AIDs.
48:38 – Jason Dove talks about the documentary he’s making about Dread Zeppelin, a group that turns Zeppelin tunes into reggae songs with a 300-pound Elvis impersonator for a lead singer. 
49:00 – Brief interlude with Matt Lieb’s new character, “Kevin the guy in the office no one really likes.”
1:21:00 – We talk about Bret and I’s favorite musical games, including out-of-order Tom Petty lyrics, and new lines for “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” (Try it at home!)
1:25:00 – Your emails.

261: The Fat Jew, YouTube Pranksters, Jewish John Lennon; Guest Jane Harrison

Jane Harrison joins Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters for an all-comedian Frotcast about The Fat Jew, the Ashley Madison hack, heckler videos, and YouTube prank videos. Plus, your emails, and the return of “Jewish John Lennon.”

2:17 – We talk about that “comedian destroys heckler!” video that was going around and why it’s kind of bullsh*t.

14:45 – We talk about the pogrom against the Fat Jew (Matt agrees with the outrage but worries people are pronouncing Fat Jew’s name with a hard J). Jane brings up an interesting Tosh comparison.

32:10 – Child actors with speech impediments! I brought a few clips for Jane and Matt to see if they find this phenomenon as terrible as I do. I find it patronizing and infuriating.

44:34 – Matt Lieb reads us his tweets he thinks should’ve gotten more retweets.

49:18 – The return of “Jewish John Lennon.”

55:50 – The Ashley Madison hack, Josh Duggar, and the viral miscarriage couple getting hacked

1:00:15 – The strange, awful phenomenon of YouTube prank videos, including the Russian guy who call random black people the N-word, and all the idiots who ask people a dumb sex pun.

1:16:00 – We answer your emails, including a follow-up from the guy who was worried his girlfriend was going to bang some guy in Europe, a story about gay Aussie sex mishaps, and a request for herpes advice.

Bonus Frotcast: Bobcat Goldthwait Interview

This morning I posted my interview with Bobcat Goldthwait about Call Me Lucky (my review), which hits more theaters this weekend.
Just for fun (or in case you want to hear it in your car), here’s the
audio from that interview. Bobcat talks about his relationship with
Barry Crimmins (the subject of Call Me Lucky), and with Robin Williams
and Rowdy Roddy Piper. We talked about his early days of stand-up, and I
asked him about performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos, since I
knew we’d both been there. It was the first time since the Gathering
that an interview subject has said “whoop whoop” to me. Enjoy.

Bonus Frotcast: Interview with ‘Look of Silence’ Director Joshua Oppenheimer

Joshua Oppenheimer has spent 14 years in Indonesia, interviewing survivors of a 1965 purge of alleged communists that killed up to a million people. He co-directed the 2012 film ‘Act of Killing,’ which focused on commandos and militia leaders who bragged about the killings. Oppenheimer got them to open up under the guise of helping them make a film about their “heroic” actions. His latest, ‘Look of Silence’ is a companion piece, if much different, tonally, focusing on the victims. If ‘Act of Killing’ was lurid and macabre, even freewheeling, ‘The Look of Silence’ is somber, weighed down by ghosts of the past. It’s heavy, even oppressive. As Oppenheimer says, it’s “a film about memory and oblivion.”

260: Justin Halpern, The Uptown Girl Game

This week’s FilmDrunk Frotcast really has everything: big name guests, insightful interviews, original bits, clever pop culture analysis, engaging hosts, and really just a lot of heart. Comedian Matt Lieb joins FilmDrunk’s Vince Mancini and Brendan in the Frotquarters, with Shit My Dad Says/I Suck At Girls author Justin Halpern joining via Skype.

2:35 – Matt refuses to believe that Al Pacino is in Jack & Jill. Brendan and Matt do dueling Al Pacino/Adam Sandler impressions

3:45 – The “Uptown Girl” talent redux, where Matt Lieb can turn any song into “Uptown Girl.” Brendan hadn’t played before.

8:05 – I attempt to get Matt Lieb to “Uptown Girl” the top 100 songs, before quickly realizing we only know about three of them.

8:42 – Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” gets Uptown Girl’d.

9:40 – “Uptown Funk” gets Uptown Girl’d

13:00 – Justin Halpern joins us via Skype.

17:15 – Big question for Justin as someone who has worked on multiple sitcoms: Have multi-cam sitcoms started mixing the studio audience louder? Why are studio audiences so much more present in multi-cam comedies?

23:00 – The phenomenon of studio audience members saying weird things during shows and how much time it takes to mix them out.

26:50 – The strange phenomenon of laugh-track shows being so much more popular than non in syndication.

33:30 – Justin’s story about Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Due Date.

37:30 – Justin’s Mark Wahlberg encounter, about how Wahlberg initially hated ‘The Departed,’ and called it ‘Gayfellas.’

46:19 – We read some of Nikki Finke’s hard-boiled Hollywood insider fiction.

54:00 – Brendan describes Michael Jordan getting owned by middle schoolers, and how that’s Brendan’s greatest fear.

1:00:00 – We discuss Miles Teller’s Esquire profile. Is Miles Teller the new Shia Labeouf? Discuss.

1:06:18 – We read your emails and play your voicemails, including a listener who wonders about shoplifting the pootie from a single mother that’s a stripper, and another about Dave Matthews Band, which leads us into a discussion about music nerd rock.