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227: Coherence, The Three Stages Of Cat Call Thinkpieces

This week on the Frotcast, we open discussing the Giants’ World Series win and the respective ways in which we as San Franciscans chose to riot. We discuss some film news, like Seth Rogen being cast as Steve Wozniak in the Steve Jobs biopic, and what an Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs movie is going to look like. Then we get into the infamous Cat Call Video and the thinkpieces it has spawned, dissecting the three stages of Cat Call thinkpieces. We all saw Coherence, which we discuss (with spoilers) from about 59 to 70 minutes. Ben joins us via Skype, Matt Lieb tells us about his Linkin Park interview, and we finish up talking some Homeland. 
Frot on and enjoy!

226: Zellweger Thinkpieces, Faith-Based Movies, the Time Matt Interviewed Linkin Park

The whole gang minus Ben is in the Frotquarters this week, and we open talking about Renée Zellweger thinkpieces. That leads us into her new faith-based movie project, Same Kind Of Different As Me, in which a Texas couple seems to have manifested their own magical negro. We bring on Laremy from who saw Birdman and Fury, we argue about our favorite films of the year so far and whether Michael Keaton is going to win the Oscar. Matt Lieb talks about the time he tried to interview the Linkin Park DJ about his new film, and then he sings us a rap about what he’s been doing with his life since he became a Chobani yogurt pimp. 
Listen! Enjoy! Tell your friends! 

225: Parry Gripp of Nerf Herder, Discussing Fight Church

This week, we interview Parry Gripp of Nerf Herder and YouTube/jingle fame, and discuss the new documentary Fight Church. Bret (the Dark Lord), Brendan (future NFL hall of famer/human giant), and comedian Matt Lieb (yogurt pimp) are all in the Frotquarters this week, with Parry joining via Skype. We talk about Fight Church, about MMA-fighting Christian pastors, discussing whether the tough-guy pastor is a new phenomenon, and whether ‘is MMA compatible with being a Christian’ even the right question to ask. Brendan talks about the proselytizing he was subject to playing in the NFL/NFL Europe, Bret gets depressed, Matt remains Jewish.  
We bring Parry on at 26:50, and we ask him all about Nerf Herder, his new crowd-funding campaign, writing jingles vs. being in a nerd punk band, and everything we can think of. He tells us about pissing off Sammy Hagar, receiving Courtney Love’s blessing, the strange, enduring popularity of “Love Sandwich,” and whether he made more money being signed to a major recording label or writing songs about animals and putting them up on YouTube/iTunes. 
We finish with Parry at 1:15:00 and start talking about Kirk Cameron’s new hacking allegations and the anti-Christian Canadian travel company that turned out to be fake. Basically, whether the fundamentalists are doing their own false-flag operations or if there really is a community of atheist trolls dedicated to becoming the manifestation of fundies’ persecution fantasies. Enjoy!

224: Gone Girl, and the time Bret thought Ben’s girlfriend died

San Francisco comedian Jane Harrison joins us in the Frot-quarters to talk Gone Girl, as does Ben. In discussing Gone Girl, and crazy Amy, and how over-the-top the third act is, we remember the time Ben dated a girl who looked a lot like Amazin’ Amy and ended up lying about having inoperable brain cancer. Bret then reveals that before he found out she had been lying, he just didn’t hear about her for a while and assumed that she died. And never asked Ben about it, which to me says a lot about how guys deal with each other when one is going through a rough patch. The last act twist to Ben’s cancer-faking girlfriend story is that a year after they broke up, Ben actually got cancer himself. I will never get tired of this story. 
Other things on the Space Docket:- Dad stories, inspired by the ones collated by Mallory Ortberg, and including a few of our own. – Buzzfeed’s “women try whiskey for the first time” video. -Talking whiskey and answering your whiskey questions. – Ben tells us about his book. 
Gone Girl talk starts around 35 minutes. Ben’s cancer etc. story starts at 56 minutes. After that, we answer a few of your emails, and receive probably the best voicemail we’ve ever gotten. Great job! Ass pats all around! 

223: Zero Theorem and Tusk with Andrew Roberts

It’s the skeleton crew in the frotquarters this week, just Bret and Vince, as we welcome San Francisco comedian and all-around Australian guy Andrew Roberts. During the intro Andrew thanks me for introducing him as a comedian, saying “Well I’d rather be introduced as that than a wanker.” Andrew tells us all about the process of emigrating for love, and getting married for love and a green card, and then subsequently getting divorced for lack of love and an inability to have threesomes with black men (I dunno, man). We all saw Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem this week, which we discuss, along with Kevin Smith’s Tusk, which Andrew saw and loved. He also wants to know if America’s racial problems are real or just something we do for attention. Somewhere in there I torture them with Jaden Smith’s new single and we answer your email questions about circumcision and different types of rugby. Email us at, leave us a voicemail at 415 274 0030. Otherwise frot on and f*ck off.